Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was extra special this year.  It just felt well, wonderful!
 The cherry on top of the ice cream sundae of life.
We packed all the presents, ate the gingerbread house, very sadly threw out the Christmas tree(fire hazard Devin said), and headed to Pendleton.
We did all our traditions. 
 Visited the Levy's and played with their train, met Jennifer's  new baby Morgan! 
Jan and Mac always gets the kids the cutest presents. 
Then To Grandma Carla's for Christmas Eve!  OH soo much good food.  Uncle Max's wife Martha always sends some good meat over from Haines.  Sirloin tip or Ham or both.
Then we talk and eat and talk and eat and talk and eat.
This year was extra special because 6 out of the 7 brother's were there.  Just missed Uncle Troy.
oh AND AAAAAShley was home from her Mission!!!! 
I love this dear sister of mine. And missed her so much.  So I was ex tactic to  see her, and hang out with her.
She is truly DA BEST!  And loves Christmas! 
Grandpa Calvin
Grandma's tree with all her crochet framed Grandchildren.  This one is Joey!

While we talked and ate,  the kids as tradition... went crazy.
Rug burns, red cheeks and 20 different ways to slide down stairs.
Roan was hiding from my camera but I caught him up there at the top.
Lane and Gage.
Two of the cutest chunkity chunks.
Matching round tummies.

Devin and my Grandma are Kindred spirits in many a way.  
He always likes to catch up on all her new books she's been reading.
Google Santa tracker.
The kids were constantly checking to see which country Santa was in at the moment.
Then we all gather for the grand kids to open up pajamas.
Gramps is trying to kick someone in the head...of course. :)
Until your married you will have matching Pj's from Grandma.  And must pose for picture.
Ali is always so sweet to Naomi.
 You can tell how much Naomi loves getting her picture taken with her.
It was cute.
Since Hawaii, Gage still prefers Grandpa or Grandma over me when they are around....

Uncle Jay looked strong that  night.
Then around 9 or later, we go back home.  Sent out Santa cookies, take a Christmas Eve pictures.
The siblings.

The Parents

 Santa came!
As tradition since Ben and I were little, the boys and Ash were up by 3 am, playing with Santa toys.  
Since I was up with a crying baby, I had company.  Great for me!
Daylight came and they were aloud to wake up the little kids and open gifts.

Wicked tickets!
Gage was most interested in Santa's left overs.
shin guards and knee pads for the next time Dad fall off the tractor!  (Joey's gift.)
 still sneekin the cookie crumbs

pink scooter, tutu, lip gloss and a barn were Naomi's spoils.
Cache: scooter, camera and spy watch.
Gage: farm animals, diapers and a plasma car.

 OH and Devin and I made the kids blankets. With Sarah and Ashley's help :)

 "Putting Makeups on me wips."
"I'll just take the whole plate." He decided.
We went to church, which was very Christmasy and was a nice reminder after our LOOT of what Christmas is really all about.  Christ.  And I got to see lots of high school friends.
That night Grandma and Gramps came over with Bruce and Natalie to eat Trifle and try out all boys new 
xbox Dance games. Grandma is such a sport!  Natalie wouldn't let me take pics of her but she is an awesome dancer.
                                                            Great Christmas.  I don't want my kids to grow up.


Ben said...

I can't tell you how much I hate that I wasn't there for any of that. Great pics though. Christmas Eve at grandma's is so great. And I have never had a sugar cookie nearly as good as Mom's. Dey are da best!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

I think that was the longest post you've ever done and I loved every bit of it! It makes me sad too that I wasn't there. Thank you so much for taking so many pictures!

natalie spratling said...

Love the post....loved it more since we were there to share it with everyone. What a party pooper I am! next time i will allow pictures of the crazy dancing. Grandma is so great to try anything:) Sure love the family I married into. I need to post the great picture I got of everyone. Love you guys.