Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Spring cleaning Inspiration

Devin fly's out in the morning(5am actually, eek)  for a weekend conference.
I will be home.
Rocking a sick baby.
Watching General Conference. (Yay!)
AND... making a giant mess  spring cleaning!

I don't know why I think I can tackle something like spring cleaning when Devin's out of town, when I
can't even get all my normal cleaning done when's he's IN town.(At least not with a sick baby)
BUT I'm inspired by this family.

 Also inspired by
 pictures like this:

White things and lots of light make me feel I can breath deeper.
So what I'm saying is if the spring cleaning ends up a total bust I'm gonna start painting everything white(already started), because Painting with 3 tiny children is WAY easier than cleaning...wait.
I do have a plan though, it worked like a charm when pregnant packing with 2 little ones and Devin was too busy at school to  help. I'm gonna start in one corner of the house(our closet) and like a lawn mower or usually I visualize a Combine I'm going to move to the front door. Then we're gonna have a garage sale and goodwill whatever doesn't sell. I might not even make it 3 feet across the house this entire weekend.  Especially since after a flood and messing with the computer, I grounded Nay and Cache from baths and cartoons. HA! They have to build forts and take showers this weekend instead. Anyway,Yup. That's me plan.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

These guys put us through the ringer last night.
One  of those, "Could this be any crazier?" nights.  
 All 3 up several(or several 100) times. Devin and I stumbling over things switching babies because one wanted Dad and the other needed Mom. Playing ring around the bedsies.
Probably a very normal occurance for everyone with children.
Still, Nuts I tell you.
Plus everytime I fell asleep I dreamed I was trapped in a storm climbing Mt. Everest.
I've been a little obsessed with watching all Mt. Everest documenteries I can find lately.

We didn't even talk about it this morning. We just met in the kitchen this morning holding children, and shook our heads, like: "WHHAT was that?"   No point in reliving it.
  Devin made eggs and we just talked about our favorite episodes on America's funny home videos. (Cache's favorite show besides wipe out.) Some of us were a little delirious with laughter.
 During which time Naomi squished up her egg yolk.
 Put it in her cup. 
Gave it a good spit and stir. 
 Then poured it into my glass when I wasn't looking. 
 By 9 this morning, I had given Naomi 2 baths AND a shower, okay she bathed and showered herself, AND flooded the entire bathroom while she was at it. But I bathed both boys, cleaned up broken glass, vacuumed up a whole spilled container of baby powder etc etc. Washed every towel in the house. Yah it was just as nuts. Then we had to go to the doctor because these two have pink-eye, stink eye. Tired and late I jokingly commanded:"You two get dressed and come in my room when yor ready!"
Well they did just that.
 I was so impressed I took pictures of them.
I don't think the nurses believed that they were sick 
as they went hopping through the whole office on one foot.
Uh oh. Watch out...

Cache still wants to move to China when he grows up.
Ninja training of course.
And "make good friends."

but not for long.
 She even accessorised herself today.
For a girl who never even wears clothes,
prity good, prity good.
 Fight over.
Excuse the messsy room.

* * *
Not to be left out, this Guy turned 6 months old Monday.
Not quite eating food yet.
Nicknames: Gage-LOUIE(said in a New York accent), Louis! (in the same accent) 
Googe, and Gus Gus.
Solid 20 lbs.
Still sweet as ever.

 But I have an inkling he is just biding his time.. 
till he can do ninja training too.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Emma and Sunday Jammies.

Not a lot to write about so you're gonna have to look at pictures of me and hear my random thoughts.
 It may come off as a little self indulgent.
Maybe I am.  A blog in itself is pretty self indulgent anyway right?
So I wrote in my journal today.
I was surprised I haven't written since October.
I'm sorta okay with that for  two reasons:
ONE: I don't really need to remember every single detail of everyday.
TWO: I keep a blog that will supplement it.
But still October is too long.
I write things in my journal, that are more of analyzing my own feelings about things and spiritual experiences, not really day to day life.
But every once in awhile I like to read about a day in the life of me and remember what is was like to be us.
SO you are going to get some boring details about our life in this post. And things I normally wouldn't put on a public blog. Such as one time this week I played Emma Smith in a skit...

 Emma Smith um ME? no.  First: she was really quite petite. Second  I've never thought this jungle woman hair could look pioneerish. But put on a dress and a stern look and I looked more pioneerish that I thought I could.
 But Emmaish?
Giant Emma with an attitude maybe.  (And half done hair because I didn't have time)
 It really wasn't anything but I had a really hard time keeping my nerves in check.  I just kept thinking if only I had acting and singing skills of my little sisters.  It was a  scary night  and one I never want to do again.   Sat in the back pretended to eat something till it was time for our skit. Did a little acting, croaked a little song and jetted out of there. I'm glad I did it through and hopefully I learned something from it. I'm pretty sure it reinstated my fears of acting rather than overcoming them.
It's over.  Moving on. We'll leave the acting in the family to Devin from now on.

Oh look more pictures  of me. And thank goodness. There hardly exists a picture of me with my children. And me and Gage-man, well we are attached at the hip,  among other body parts.

We tried these cute funny jammies on him today and laughed a lot.
I think Gage turns 6 months tomorrow. Could it be? I need to count again.

 Gage -Louie and his li'l feet.

When he is happy he wiggles his big toe and when he's mad it points it too. 
Basically it's like a mood ring.

Look at my 3 boys. I love them.  I gave all 3 of them plus Nay hair cuts last night. Sunday's around here go like this : Come home from church dress in comfy's and play games on the floor.   Watching nature movies on you tube somehow made the "keep the sabbath day holy" appropriate activities today.  We figured it's too cold to go on a nature walk which we like to do on Sunday's so, yah. :)

 More pictures of my funny little bee bop.

We got to see G&G Orton this weekend.  Swimming and pizza party at their hotel.
Grandma came bearing homemade gifts. A sweet little tee pee.
Lucky kids. 
Devin set it up along with a movie for them and is now making them kettle corn.

Just to make this post even more random here is my favorite quote these days. It is very applicable to me as a parent and also applies to the way I feel loved by my dear husband of mine.

-Swedish proverb

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So we are sitting in the living room.  Naomi is standing on the coffee table just singin.
She spots the box of tissue also on the table, and snatches one up.
I think, here she goes smearing snot all over her face again. 
I was wrong.
To my shock, wwwwhips up her dress revealing she has No undies on. (*gasp*)
 "Nay WHERE are..."
And instead of her nose, wipes her be-HIND !!!

I tried to scold her but in the end I just rolled with laughter. She always surprises me.

And here is my picture for the week.
Yellow, but doesn't matter .

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I have been a long time advocate of moving Christmas to January or February.
These months are kinda *bleh* and we could all use some extra time to prepare for Christmas and recover
 from Thanksgiving. What do you think? I know I'm right. 

SO, to get through these months this is what we've been doing:
Watching my cousin Sierra win state!
Lots of family came to town.
Love family.
Love Basketball games!
Here is Sierra's cheering section.
Is Grandma texting?

Sierra is only a freshman.
She did awesome.
Blocked out three girls at one time.
Yes she did.
The proud parents, Uncle Troy and Aunt Shelly.
It's always fun when they're around.
Love them.
Big brother Trent made it to town for the championship game.
The game got so intense (3 point shot AT the buzzer to put them in overtime,) yes so intense
Trent started busting out his old cuss words:
Here he is showing us how the girl banked a 3 pointer.

Naomi only woke up to watch the cheerleaders and was calling it a "Hockey game."

My giant little brother's Rugby's games got us through one very cold weekend...

 Also not pictured is Sunday afternoon, Devin and Amie's horse round up extravaganza...
which was stressfull and entertaining in the least. 
Everyone was either in church or in the movies with cellphone's off.
Finally found a big 5 gallon bucket of wheat in food storage to lure them back in. 
(They figured out the rice we were shaking at them, was just a decoy.)
 But even then those horses were smart enough not to just waltz back through the gate.
They'de get half way in and bolt.
We gave up only to come back inside to Naomi who had thrown handfuls of wheat 
ALL over kitchen and down the stairs, and she thought it was just the coolest thing..
 all the while Cache is loosing his cookies in the bathroom and Gage was crying.
This stress lead to *discussions* on if horses really like wheat or apples better, whether you should lure a horse or heard it back in. It was a bit tense there for a minute and I had the thought, we never argue,
 and when we finally do our argument includes references to Hee Haw?
Devin finally got him in with a reeaaly short dog leash and about 10 minutes of him out there reasoning, with the horses.
 I don't know what he was saying, but he was using hand gestures and pointing at the gate.
I think the horse got tired of listening to him, because pretty soon, they both just followed Devin right in.

We cleaned up all the wheat and got the boys settled and Naomi walked in with a rope.
Anway I wish I would have taken a picture of Devin in his White shirt and tie 
 trying to drag the big old horse with a super short dog leash and talking to the horse.
Then I wouldn't have had to type this long story to remember it.
AAAh life is fun with Devin in it.


Anwho the rest of our winter is back here at home:

Here is Naomi  with her li'l pink cup out there to catch herself a snow snack.
She loves to eat snow.
It was like food falling from the sky!

 Even though she is dressed in 4 times more clothing than normal, she realized it is still not enough.

 Cache dressing up Gage-Louie.
He hasn't figured out his hands well enough yet.
So he will leave these on all day.
As long as it gets him someone smiling at him,
he's happy.

oh looove my baby.
and his baby muscles
He lifts my spirits, as we wait for spring.

 Christmas moved to February. 
Anyone with me?