Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bronco nation, Baby Lily.

Football season is upon us. 
Living in Bronco nation is different from
living in Cardinal land.(St. Louis.)
I do love how sports bring together a community, and we will forever be
Cardinal fans now.  But Bronco nation...
is crazy!  If you dare go out before a game, everyone and their baby and their dog is DECKED out 
along with the 10 flags they have flying from their trucks. And the lines and lines are forever long buying food for the games.  I love it. I love the energy of it. 
 I'm not a bronco fan YET, but I'm warming up. We miss going to the BYU games.
Then if you go shopping during a game... it is literally a ghost town. Even the workers at Old Navy were
GONE, somewhere in the back watching the game.
It was the first home game, and we needed some exploring time so we went down town.  Cache wanted to see the stadium. It was a sea of orange and blue.
Cache's heart was broken when we said their was no way we could go to the game.
We went and found a new park to explore downtown boise(Albertson's park) and the boyz got their game on.
There's not much more attractive in my book than a man playin with his kids.
Especially if that man is already attractive. :)

Okay throwing babies is not attractive.  
But this is my 3rd child. He's been doing it this whole time.
I'm getting use to it. 

There was this big old pond full of lily pads.
Pretty neat.
I love Gage's finger in his mouth.

Very in love with this baby.

No I couldn't decide on pictures. Don't judge me.
Gage's finger in his mouth again... above
I like my hair in the one below. Gives the illusion of not frizzy.
Cache is actually hugging me. Love that.

This is a picture of the biggest ponderosa in idaho...very interesting.
All my blue eyed babies.
Very pretty park don't you think?
We ended the weekend with Miss Lily Anne's baby blessing.

So special.  The Barretts really have become family over these many years.
Lily is such a sweet little girl.
I'm excited to see her grow up and become a beauty like her mommy.
Mckay and Naomi below...Naomi played Kitty wrangler
the whole time. She just adores animals. Once again proving that we shoulda named her 
Barbara Jane.(After her grandmother who loves animals.)

T'was a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

29 and feelin fine.

Welp Ben pointed out that today is the first day of my last year of being in my 20's.
Devin made me a butterfinger icecream cake and surprised me that morning with my first wool coat.
He is sneaky and got it for me on the way home from work.
He got a coat for me last christmas but it was way too big and since then we've been looking for the perfect coat.
This one caught my eye but they again didn't have my size...
He found  my size in another store, had them hold it for my birthday.
I felt loved.
My mom got me a SHARK floor steamer.
Watch out Germs.  
Who knew steam cleaned tile would make a gal so happy?
I guess my mom did.

I may have expressed doubt that Devin made the cake right, because his  methods were... unique.
But then we cut into and Devin was hootin and hollering.. "Don't count me out Girl! Don't count me out!"  Haha.  It looked and tasted delish.

Red lobster gift card from one of his patients ;) 
We planned to go out, but our weekly duties wore us out,(And it took us 2 hours to clean the house) So we changed plans,put the kids to bed REALLY early and ordered in.
Coconut shrimp and mango sauce... oh yes.
Cache acted totally betrayed when he found the red lobster wet nap on the counter 
the next morning.  It's his favorite restaurant if you didn't know.
We may have had to holler: "get back in bed!" half of dinner, but eating in sweat pants was was worth it.
I pretended like it was my birthday all week laxing on some of my duties, and may have not watched these guys close enough...
Here they are CAUGHT in undies again, making peanut butter and sprinkle sandwiches...
I thought it was very original.
Why are Kids so crrrazy about sprinkles?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ward campout and dog days of Summer.

We spent Naomi's real birthday at a ward campout.
The food was great. Especially  those scones.
We've got some professional campers in our ward.
And our tummies benefited.
Didn't sleep too bad. And got to drive through a really pretty valley.
I long for wide open spaces. For reals.
Weekend drives will have to do for now.
It's in my bones.

 This girl just kills me.
 We are SOO excited for, football season, leaves, halloween, apple cider, crisp autumn walks, pumpkins
 candy corn, homemade SOUPS and rainy days. I mean SO excited... but
we are having mixed feelings when it comes to letting go of our warm evenings.
The kids even seem to know that their backyard undwear adventures are coming to a close and
spend a lot of time out there.  We drive everywhere with the windows down.  And Devin and I often put the kids to bed and then go lay in the back yard and make out , I mean talk. 

 I caught Cache out the back window flexing for Gage...
I'm so glad I have my girl, because my boys are... VERY boy.

Framing this one for their room.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The double Birthday party!
This is why I have been putting off posting the party. There's a million pictures and I can't pick from them! It was a lovely, but hotter and buggier than wished evening at Eagle island. I picked an evening where I thought no one would be there. And I was right. It was like our own private park. Swwweeet. We had ourselves a quiet little family party. I thought about having a big old party with lots of their friends but when I throw a party I stress about if everyone is enjoying themselves, not feeling put out yada yada yada and I end up focusing on the guests and don't get to enjoy my babies.  So  family it was and family it will be until they demand otherwise.  If family gets offended they still have to love me. Makes it easier for me to not stress. ( But didn't totally work.)
Anyway.  I just absolutely love the way the cakes turned out. My kids will probably never have this nice of cakes again in their lives. Unless Aunt Sarah just happens to be in town again! I picked the cake themes from the their favorite bedtime song.

Nay of course loves "tinko tinko." And we sing it daily.

My two Birthday babies.  2 years and 4 days apart.
Gage is our Sunshine boy.

Sarah tried to make the sun look like Gage's fat smiling head. I thought of making him a hat that made his head look like a giant sun. HA. never got to it.

Gage Man. He was tired and just wanted the candy.  So no cheesy smiles.
Plus Aunt Sarah has got an Iron grip on his diaper ducking behind him and he didn't think 
that was very cool.

The Activity was swimming and eating.
A boat full of Babies.

Time to cut the cake!

Devin and were reminiscing about Cache as a one year old. 
We gave him the cake and then our mom's called.
While we were talking, he ate the ENTIRE cake and it was a normal size birthday cake.
Gage wasn't quite as aggressive.

 I Love those hands

Some of the details:
Suns and stars to go with the hot dogs, chips and Aunt Julie's homemade salsa from her Garden!
It's my fav salsa. I ate all the left overs myself that night at home.
 (Aunt Sara Orton's recipe.)

This was sorta similar to ones I found on etsy for $30 plus.
I made it one photoshop for free.  And was beaming with pride at my accomplishment.
I made some of the other signs on photshop too. But this was my favorite.

A blue little sign I didn't take a picture of said: "You are what happened when we wished upon a star."
Which is true of Naomi.  We had to wait and wait for her.  And I wished on a star more than once for a baby during that time.  And I now see all the wisdom in the timing of this girl of ours.  I think Heavenly father needed me to have that experience so when I throw my hands up daily in total exasperation with this girl, he could say.."well you asked for it."
She is unbelievably funny to me, but hands down adds more craziness to our life than any.
She demolishes everything and a quiet moment where we don't know where she is can quickly turn into the grossest situation you have ever experienced in your life.
Patience, patience, patience  is the gift she is giving to us.
Patience and daily gut busting laughter.
We LOVE our girl.

Tangent sorry. Next:
Been wanting to make these for 3 years now.
I didn't take a picture of Nay's birthday banner.
I really am the world's most miserable sewer.  But some things like these pennant banners are just worth it.
I loved how they turned out.
That's all the pictures I took of the extra details.
I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of me and Devin and of my parents! 
They are always so sneaky and I never get their picture.

We took pictures early thank goodness....
Darn heat!
The inside of the cake was pink. It was really cute and the girls all loved it.
I'm missed a picture of it.  Dang.

My little sisters are truly amazing girls.
Sisters area  blessing.
(That' goes for sister in laws too.)
Thank you so so much Sarah for the cakes.

Naomi was being absolutely ridiculous for pictures.
Like extra ridiculous. (Double chin and monster voice.)
I have about 100 pictures similar to this one:

More monster faces.

We tried some distractions...

Trying so hard to show the camera she is 3.   Even the tongue helps a bit.
Trying so hard!
Almost got it there Nay...
"I'm One!" (She tells everyone this.)

Thank goodness for a fast camera! I caught one cute smile. 
 Now I can live this year happy.
That's it for partay pictures. 
Birthday post over.
Now on to planning Cache's party. 
He wants a "Perry the platapus" cake Sarah...