Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lots of pictures comin your way. I'm not going to apologize.
People always say "Sorry for lots of pictures." But that just means I'm gonna love the post. So lots of pics and I'm not sorry.

Spratling Family Oregon Coast trip 2010...

was so super fun.

Let's begin at the beginning:
getting there.

We all met up at the Coast. Devin and I flew in from St. Louis.(Devin was graduating)
Parents and 3 sibs plus our two kiddos came from Pendleton.
Sarah and Nick came from Salem.
Ben and fam...Mesa

Sarah and I and husbands + baby Danny arrived early.
So we ran around the beach house. it was designed kinda like a ship so we got lost and confused a couple times... it was fun!
Then we explored the beach and waited ....

Devin and I were anxious to see our Cache and Naomi.
They finally arrived all wearing burger king crowns. I wish I had a picture.

Not a whole lot to say from here but:
 We played on the beach!

The boys: blood brothas and married brothas get along quite well.

Joey and Dad flew kites and tried to see how close they could dive

 bomb the kite to our heads before pulling up.
So dangerous.

I didn't realize the size of me belly.

The mother station.  
Come here to get sunscreened, sand out of eyes, fussed over, warmed up, 
and sent back to play in the sand good as new.

Tangent: So one time I was having a conversation with my late friend Garrett.
 He was telling me how his dad was voted: "best dressed in the United States Senate."  
I then related to him how MY dad wears socks with sandals....
We then had a good laugh about that.

The water was so cold I wouldn't even touch it with my hand...
But the none of the guys wanted to be first to admit that it was too cold for them...

So they let their pride turn them into ice.

...Cache and Claire...

To warm themselves up the boys set up an obstacle coarse of chairs and  timed themselves to see who could run the course the fastest.
I think Ben and Devin had a flashback to high-school where they were always neck and neck.
But this time it wasn't high jump and I believe Devin finally got to beat Ben.
A victory long time awaited.

I included the next two pics because it's a rare moment where Devin is the one talkin and I'm actually listening. 
Usually I'm always jabberin and Devin is just smiling and nodding.
Look at him just tellin me a story.

Lots of people label their tan "farmer tan." However, not many of them have a true farmers tan.
But Joey does.
This is a summer of harvest and walkin fields.
That's hot Joey.

After warming up, they just kept going back for more.

These pictures make me laugh so much.

Naomi and Savannah had their moments of getting along when they weren't fighting over Aunt Cindy.

Luckily Naomi had her daddy back, so Savannah didn't  have to share her mommy anymore.

Jus the Sibs, being...themselves.

One day we decided to opt out of whale watching because for some reason ALL my brother's and sisters  have a phobia of the open sea... including me.
 None of us know why for sure.
That and none of us felt like getting motion sick on the boat.
So instead we drove and drove and drove up to this beautiful trail and went on a hike.
Everyone got soo sick on the drive, and a few lost their cookies...
We shoulda gone on the boat!
It was pretty though.
Here is a rare Seester picture:
And here is all the Spratling Grandkids sittin on a log for a snack.
(danny's face and feet crack me up!)

gram and gramps with the baby girls

Took some family pictures.
well, tried. 
the lighting was too dark and the photographer didn't know how to use her camera.

all da boyz.

 Spent MORE time on the beach

benny and claire

It was Claire's first time seeing the Ocean.

Also did some out let shoppin. Oregon is sooo pretty.

Cache and Claire are truly 2 of a kind aren't they?

And said goodbye to the smelly but awesome beach house.

Family is DA BEST.

Can't wait for Ash to get home from her mission to go again!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I've been having kind of a slump week,  and I finally pinned it down, I need to make a pretty picture.  So we planned and scouted out an area, and it rained all weekend. I do love rain, and think it might make for some fun pictures, but not with a newbie baby, I felt like that would fall under the category of bad parenting.  So instead I found  pictures of our Sprating family Oregon coast trip right before the baby was born.  I haven't even had time to take a look at these. Here are some of my favorites.

I love this last picture of everyone hanging out in the kitchen before bed just eating whatever is in site, making fun of each other, and just bein together. 
Then we put the kids down and played the game: Loaded Questions 
And laughed till our faces and ribs hurt. I think Joey stopped breathing one time.
It has been years since laughing that hard.
 Maybe THAT's what put me into early labor!  

Thanks for such a good trip mom and dad.
memories to last forever.

I'm gonna go look at the rest of the pictures and post some more.