Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween is over, birthday parties done and I finished my book that I've had so long the library won't let me renew anymore. NOW I can update.

So I fear I may disappoint a few of you. Devin ended up having a patient to see and had to come late to the trunk or treat/chile cook off, so we didn't really get time to figure out costumes. He slipped on his awesome red fuzzy and we called him a HOT Tamale, and I stuck on a sombrero and poncho and went as a Mexican Hat dancer. Kinda goes right? The best suggestion I think came from cousin Mardee after the fact when she said Devin should have just gone as "Awkward." Hahaha!

No pictures of the evening. Between the two munchkins, bag of costumes, a jack O lantern and a big basket of corn bread muffins, fairy wings and balancing the sombero on top of me head. I couldn't juggle the camera too. So here is a taste of our cute little Mr. Shmee and rug rat Tinkerbell at home... I accidentally deleted some I took of shmee, of course the cutest ones and I want to puke. Obssesive about pictures much Amie?

A week later on the REAL Halloween night, Cache decided he needed
to be Peter Pan, instead of Shmee. And Tinkerbell didn't dress warm
enough, so Naomi went as a puppy instead.



Most people thought she was a baby cow. So I made sure to post a pic of her tail...
Oh man, I loved this costume! We just kept squeezin her



Devin left warm fuzzy at home and went along as another Mexican hat dancer.


Every Halloween, I get the biggest kick out of Devin. He plays the part much better than I.


Oh Devin,,, you are so easy to LOVE.

"eye iiii yie yie yei!"

It was a Happy Halloween for us.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Snuggi you got nothin on this:

We Need Help.
From YOU.
Here's the situation:I just found out that our ward(church) Halloween Party is MaƱana night. In typical Devin and Amie style, we figure out our costume the day of. We don't know what we are going to be yet, but we do know ONE thing for sure: Whatever it is it is going to include this lovely piece:

so have any ideas for us?
What does Devin look like and what can I dress up as to compliment this lovely ensemble?
Ideas so far to help trigger your brain stormin:
1)giant piece of BIG RED gum: good but goes with...?
2) whoopi cushion, but again goes with...?
3)Flying squirrel. Devin's favorite, but a red squirrel? And again I would go as...?
4) A warm fuzzy(my personal favorite so far)
Here is a pic of Devin demonstrating being a warm fuzzy:
5)a pool of blood, and I could go as a knife? nah.. gross
6)ketchup and somehow I could be mustard.
None of these ideas are stickin.
Whatya think?
We need your help!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm missin that Devin t'night. When were newlyweds, it hurt to be separated from him for even one hour. I was told by friends a little more seasoned in the married life: "Don't worry, this stage fades quickly and then you'll get annoyed when he comes home early." I'm relieved to say that 5 years later that day has not come yet. Although it would be nice to feel that on nights like tonight.
Anyway, so here I sit alone with the computer and the sum of that equals a blog post.
Lucky you. Tonights post will be of last nights date night. Creepy World. Devin passed his second set of national boards!(phew) 2 down 2 to go! His choice of celebrating was to take me to a haunted house.


  • I was super leary of this whole thing and had a sick feeling while waiting in line. Walking up the stairs to the mansion, the main ticket guy (huge guy with a big red mustache,) POUNDED his fists on the front porch and yelled "KEEP MOVIN!" Like we were cattle. He was sincerly TICKED that people were walking too slow to get in the mansion. I suddenly had serious worries that this was a trick like Pinnochio when he goes off to that "fun island" and turns into a donkey. No really, it was so unsettling.
  • Entering in, I turned and said: "Devin I am SO not a screamer, sorry to dissapoint you." Five seconds into the front doors, we BOTH started screaming. And we didn't stop for the next hour.
  • I don't enjoy being scared.
  • Those black high heeled boots were not the best the idea no matter how cute they looked with jeans. Too much running.
  • We were the only people there above 17 years of age. So it was easy to reminisce when we were 17...when we met.
  • Devin realized that I was more terrified than having fun... and began trying to help the situation by putting himself btw me and the monsters. That just egged them ON. They got more aggressive in their efforts to getin my face, grab me or follow me screaming in the back of my hair and whipping their chains at me... seriously, we both were thinking WHAT are have we gotten ourselves INTO?
  • Devin moved on to PLAN B: make friends with ghouls by laughing at them or complimenting them on there "lovely dress or neat head band." And turning the tables on THEM and trying to sneak up on them. OH this was hilarious. This got us all laughing and we had a great time from there ON. I love Devin so much.
  • On the haunted hay ride, a 16 year old girl jumped into Devin's lap and held onto his hand for the whole ride, clinging to him with her dear dramatic teeny bopper life. I was too scared to care. So I just held onto her.
  • The whole night was one anxiety attack after another.
  • I kicked a zombie in the leg with my pointy boots HARD. I yelled at a dead soldier with a chain saw to "back off" and he did. Like I said I don't enjoy being scared.
  • The amount of work that went into creating that place blows my mind.
  • No I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's just too scary. DARK.
  • Although... Devin DID scream like a little girl and that might have been worth it.
I'll now just enjoy the brighter, happier side of the season.
Just some fall pictures. Taken by Devin and Self Timer.
We had like 10 min of sunlight when we got there, so this
is all we got. We'll try it again, maybe with a friend instead
of self-timer. Devin asked me to stand up there so he could
know where to prop up the camera for the self timer pics.
I'm posting them, cuz I like my boots :)
H A P P Y F A L L.

Friday, October 23, 2009

And it begins...
I took my first attempt at fixing(real fixing) girls hair! Naomi let out her first screech and started shaking her head violently, and flashing through my mind went years of cabbage patch dolls with self growing hair, barbie hair cutting, ponies with chopped off tails and manes. Then, images of my mom standing behind me in the mirror fighting me to brush and braid my huge frizzy hair "No Mom, I want a side pony tail MMMMom!" ....
Up to this point Naomi has had nothing varying from the typical boy hair-do
(parted to the side),with the little BOW to make it girly.
She's never even done a headband.
But not today. Today we attempted PIGGIES:
Her little bouncing Piggies made everything she did today 3 times funnier.
And excentuated all of her best features: # 1 being her cheeks:
Both sets of em:)
Oh piggies. so Fun.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009


Not perfect pictures,, BUT t'was a perfect fall day!
I love Fall.
It is the season when these two pumpkins came into my life.
I got to bring them both home from the hospital on a warm fall day.
It was a jjjjjuuuust little magical.
A perfect first welcome home.
{i had my iso turned all the way up on accident. I'm just proud of my self for knowing(sorta) what iso is now!}
There is nobody on the entire planet earth as that is more excited
for their birthday as this little boy.
It's not possible.
We haven't figured out Halloween costumes yet. He isn't as adimate as last year, (thank heavens!)
But this week, he wants to be "Mr. Smee" from Peter Pan.
We'll see. I think he would be an adorable Smee. (We pronounce it Shmeee around here.)
I asked Cache to hold her hand for the picture and I clicked it right
before Nay started bustin out some attitude, thinkin Cache was trying to get her to do something...
She will take No Bossin around.
But she quickly decided, that this was fun.
And per request of our beloved Cindy who is never satisfied with my blog:) I had a birthday:
The End.
More Autumn pictures (and Devin pictures Cindy) to come, that are hopefully less grainy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bearing Her burdens Well

Naomi doesn't have many burdens in her charmed little 1 year old life.
I've often stare at her in envy at how utterly carefree her life is. She doesn't even know fear, as evident when she will just throw herself out of our arms like she can fly or dive head first down the biggest slide at the park laughing the whole way, or try to walk off the end of a bed. Yes in Naomi's life the world is made of fluffy clouds, where fear doesn't exist, needs are met instantly, and everything is edible or at least tastible. Yes life is practically perfect in everyway, BURDEN free, EXCEPT for one culprit: (que bad guy music)
But I guess Nay was listening better than I thought during General Confernce when we were counciled to not just bear our burdens here in this life but to smile and Bear Our Burdens Well.

I actually took this video before conference, so not totally a true story, but this really use to be a scene of screaming and crying then, time outs for Cache... He just can't help it! I truly believe it. Sometimes he will just even sit himself in time out, shakin his head, like "I'm hopeless." He just HAS to tackle her. It's innate in him or something. So I'm so glad she learned to love it! It really was her only choice.

AND sssssppeaking of someone who Bears her burdens well. Did any of you see Nie Nie on Oprah today? It was, well simply AWESOME. Here, is a link to some of it. (not a huge oprah fan, but this was cool)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

General Conference!

Every 6 months we gather as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for General Conference. From the USA, to mexico, Africa to Japan to Tahiti, you get the picture, EVERYWHERE we all gather and listen, watch via satellite, internet, t.v. ect. and listen to our Prophets voice and many other leaders speak.
It is the two MOST edifying time of the year.
The talks always pierce me to the heart. just what I needed to hear.
Another fun part, I must admit, as that I get to attend church in Jammies!
Get up, make some pancakes, hang out with the
fam until the Mormon Tabernacle Choir fills the family room with their beautiful music, then we
all gather around the t.v.
MAN, the talks are just so good, inspiring, full of truth.
The children are just perfectly reverent and behaved also. ;) We made some popcorn and I told the kids they could eat in on the carpet if they were really careful not to leave any crumbs, because I just vaccumed.
They did a perfect job. As always:
My friend and I were talking about family conference traditions and reminiscing on
what ours were as kids. My Grandma would put a quilt on and we grandkids would lay blankets underneath and watch conference from there. She told us were were just like the Nephites in olden times when they pitched their tents and all gathered to listen to King Benjamin the prophet in their day. That was so fun Grandma!
In Devin and I's little family now, we really don't have any set traditions yet.
I'm pretty sure popcorn won't be one though.
What were your conference traditions?
What was your Favorite talk this session?