Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life is a Musical with Cache

OH our Cache loves music. I have a ton of videos of him playing air guitar in public places.. but they take too long to down load. So you'll have to come to our house to watch. Every day several times a day cache gets out his favorite book: The primary hymn book and has me go through it, and sing every page.. He has the pictures memorized now though, so I can't get away with tricking him into singing. "on top of old smokey" when it is really a hymn I don't know. That trick only worked for a couple days. He just sounds so cute singing "on top of old smokey, all covered with cheesse.." and on.. Recently we've witnessed Cache sit our neighbor down on his front porch step and try and teach him " I am a child of God" very cute. But in church he sings ABC's all the way through sacrament.. At night before bed, he accompanies bed time songs with his electric guitar and insists that Mommy plays the "paaano" and dad the "dums" of course these are all air instruments. Or also fun is when he makes up songs about his cereal or about daddy making dinner. He has the best grand finale notes that are basically just yelling at the top of his lungs, but trying to shake his voice. Where did he learn to do that? This is just a fun stage, I wish i could down load all the videos.. but I just don't have enough is a few videos. and the above picture is showing how Cache has taken over the guitar case.. We don't let him touch the nice guitar..that is suppose to go in it. You get to hear me also singing in my morning voice.. lovely, just ignore it.

One Long fun Day

This past Saturday we woke up early.. around 5:30 to get going on our trip to Springfield Missouri.. it is near Branson Missouri, but much less crowded according to Uncle Mike and Aunt Judy who treated us to this weekend. Devin had just finished finals so it was really nice to get out of town and spend time with family even if it was too short. Staying in a hotel is so fun for Devin and I, maybe because the beds don't squeek every time I have to roll from my left to my right or the 10 times I have to get up every night to empty my pregnant bladder, that and cable tv.! Being poor is so fun, we are very easily entertained. Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike treated us to an Animal Safari, dinner, a tour of the bass pro shop and a nice night in a hotel... I wish it was longer....Anyway, here is Cache eating his breakfast on the way to Springfield.

I really didn't know what I was getting into when they told us we were going to drive through an animal safari.. I couldn't help but think, this would only be allowed in Missouri...

I also didn't realize just how strongly they meant it when they said " Watch out for the Camel."

I haven't laughed this hard for a LONG time when the camel was basically fighting with devin, paper bags ripping and flying, Devin physically fighting with the camel to not eat his clothes and get him out of the truck window.. aaah man.. I wish I could explain just how funny and shocking and scary all at the same time.

I felt like a bit of a pansy because of how scared I was of these animals, especially the huge buffalo.. and the giant birds that would just shove their head right into your face.. I really didn't like those birds,, but the car ahead of us, were brave.. I thought.. then I realized they maybe brave wasn't the right word, but foolish would be a good substitute. They literally had a water buffalo half way into their little car..and then this happened. look at their rear view mirror! After that, they rolled their windows up and drove through the rest of the park.. They also had a petting zoo we walked through,, Devin made some friends.. He is so gross and so proud of it..

All those wild animals wore us out, and so we went back and napped at the hotel and then we were treated to another dinner at Uncle mike and Aunty Judy.. Is this becoming a a tradition? :) If so we wouldn't mind at all.. Then we went and toured the GIGANTIC Bass Pro Shop.. In all honesty I thought it would be similar to the giant Cabelas in Lehi Utah,, which is amazing.. but this place was probably a good 7 or 8 times bigger and actually half of it was closed for remodeling. It was AMAZING! They even had ducks and pheasansts..alive walking around the displays.. it was really fun. We took this video of Cache as we were trying to leave the bass pro shop..He has always been into playing the air guitar, but now it seems to be second nature for him.. he played it all the way through the store and then found a stage on these rocks. Oh man he is fun. We almost didn't make it out of their with several toy rifles and fishing poles.. we settled for an awesome bag of kettle corn instead.

We Ended the day with a dip in the Hotel swimming pool. Cache and Devin did this game forever, which they called "water bird." I'm not sure which one made the name up, but every time Cache would fly into the air he would yell "Waater Bird!" Seriously 15-20 minutes of this.. Devin is truly young at heart or just really determined to grow bigger biceps.

Who wants to argue with me that these two aren't the cutest boys they've ever seen.

I am kicking myself, because I didn't take any pictures of Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike.. man that really bugs me. I guess I'm self absorbed..sorry. Thanks you so much for the the wonderful weekend Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike! We had a blast.

Friday, August 15, 2008

September 17th deadline

Like many people I work best under pressure. The last two weeks, I have been up to a lot of last minute projects I want to get done before I add another person's life to my list of responsibilities for the next 100 years(Is that a nice way of saying have a baby?) First off, I decided to try and potty train. I had Cache throw away his own diapers and took him to pick out new "Undies." We have used a lot of carpet cleaner/ and lysol, oh and laundry detergent in the last 3 days, but he seems pretty happy with himself and I pay him a penny for his piggy bank every time he goes... He made it through 2 nights successfully.. Yes we are going cold turkey. Remember I have a September 17th deadline. We did fruit snacks as an incentive, but Cache would rather have money. He sleeps with that piggy bank. Although this has caused a bit of contention from me towards Devin: "Devin! NO quarters! You gave him a quarter? I NEED my quarters,, give him pennies he doesn't know the difference!" Once Cache has the money, it is HIS,, no one touches his money. I still am bitter about my quarter. In fact I glared at his piggy bank today.

Anyway so potty training and the same day painted Cache's room, Cleaned out our two huge closets to sort and send loads to good will. Tomorrow I'll hopefully paint the baby's room.(pictures of rooms later.)

I made my first quilt of my life. I borrowed my neighbors sewing machine and I still am not sure if I'm a quilter or not.. I just had a hard time with patience and it only took me 2 days. I hear these are easy quilts.. Lets' just say if you ever receive a quilt from Amie she must really really love you, and if you don't, it doesn't mean anything either, because I just may never make another. But I am happy with it, and it was for a special little girl: Amelie, who I babysat for quite awhile. I finished it the day before her 1st birthday party. My attempt at an artistic picture below.

Beautiful Baby Amelie..
I posted this picture for Sarah...Look at her cake Sarah! All of fondant,, talk about the ultimate barbie birthday cake!

We also threw April a baby shower.. April is a good friend of mine who was actually the relief society president in my ward at BYU, so yes came to the hospital when Cache was born, and even though I was on drugs, she was one of the only visitors I clearly remember because she LOVED the named Cache and I LOVED her for it,, everyone else gave me weird looks.. and it was growing old. Now we are both having our babies together here in Missouri! And actually due at the exact same time... how fun. So now that you know are pictures of her shower, I helped our good friends Ashley and Sandy throw it for April (Ashley is also due any day now). All of our husbands go to Logan,, it was a fun time! We did a chocolate fountain and it was held in the most beautiful house in Chesterfield, Oh I am especially proud of my watermelon carriage even though I copied it from a friend(and added my own touches like the handle and scalloped edges)! Oh April is the one with curly hair like me..Ashley is the blondie, and Sandy is the non pregnant chica..

The 3 buns in the oven..GIRL- BOY- GIRL
respectively. Yes this is such a bragging post, but I have to Brag while I have something to brag about and then settle back into "my greatest accomplishment is mopping the floor or taking a shower" comfort zone. Thanks for listening to me!

Monday, August 11, 2008