Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring odds and ends.

Devin and Cache headed to Father sons camp out leaving Gage to shop with the girls. In his shark jammies no less.
He picked this headband out himself.
I had a lovely weekend. Ran into lots of friends. Asked them why their husbands weren't camping too.
Had the whole ward in a panic that they missed father sons camp out. Nope. 
Devin went a week early!We laugh a lot about this now. 
Came home after a windy, cold night of only eating fruit salad for dinner, and breakfast. 

Preparing for summer by making a car first aide kit.
I asked Devin to help me come up with ideas.  
His list is on the right.  Mine is on the left. 

Gage is so helpful with our mourning routine. Making beds and loading the car.


Sometimes we go buy soda and cookies at whole foods, just for the irony of it.

  It is safe to say my little family(actually very large in whole foods) and very loud family of soda drinkers is not super appreciated by the other Whole food goers.   Never the less, we love that store.

Cache: Mom spell the word UP. (potty humor.)
Me: No way. Knock it off.
Devin: Cache spell the word..
ME: NO Devin. (too late.)
Devin: Spell the word, I-CUP.
Cache laughed so hard, soda came out his nose. 

Fort building 
Family bike rides

Pre-school un-birthday party.
I do all my errands with a princess and superman.
Cache's chess obsession is growing.

Our baby and happy to be it.
 He is in no hurry to grow up. Don't even mention, giving up blankies, binkies or diapers. 
He is perfectly content.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend

  •  Rained and poured. Love! It did however discourage us from our camping plans.
  • Watched movies
  •  slept in our own beds with the windows open to smell the storm.
  • Woke up and drove to the mountains for breakfast. 
  • Gage LOOOVES pancakes. All morning long while everyone else was at the river, he kept coming back to his plate. He would sing and giggle and say: "Syrup. hehe."  

 He and his pancakes had a grand time together.

  •  Naomi: "Mom, come with me, lets go find pretty things, because we are pretty and need to hold pretty things. 
  •  Gym as a family. Since Devin's speed school is part of our gym right now(Axiom),  we can go over and play there and have the whole place to ourselves.  Naomi made me a bed of weighted balls. Surprisingly comfy. 

    • Ended the weekend with games and a BBQ at the Hanks. Will post Devin winning minute to win it. Hilarious!

    Sunday, May 26, 2013

    Gage's knock knock jokes

    Naomi- Spring Dance Recital

    Naomi's spring Dance recital! 
    Nay and I(the girls) went early because I was a backstage mommy.
    Devin took the boys. He ran errands for me, cleaned them all up and got them to the performance on time.
    Devin is really good at playing Mr. Mom. When it is time for him to step up and take my place for a day, he is very efficient and on task,  just like his mom.
    That being said, it's always fun to see what he's got them dressed in or what he's been doing. He always has some kind of surprise! 
    This time he picked up Naomi a pink rose and gave the boys and himself all haircuts!  
    And he decided to try out my Grandpa's Tahitian shirt. I loved it! 
    * This is also the closest we could get Cache in a group shot.
    Naomi did so good shaking her little tutu on stage with her two dances. 
    I sweated it out trying to keep ten little girls entertained, pottied and quiet for 2+ hours.
    There were 100+ dancers. I am so impressed with my friend Bri who runs it all. 
    Naomi looves to dance. 

     Cache sat by his good friend Sawyer.
    I got several reports from other mom's that the 2 boys danced and sang along to every dance.
     Devin even picked up PINK icecream sandwiches for us to eat afterwards.
    A few pictures of Naomi getting ready. 
    She loves her picture taken. 

    Good dancing Naomi! We are so proud that you are ours!

    Cache - Soccer and Reader's Theatre

    Spring is so fun. 
    • Cache finished up his soccer season.
    • Played on his cousin Kyle's team. 
    • Devin and Aunt Julie were assistant coaches.
    • Upwards was such a fun program. They had a big tunnel they ran through at the beginning of each game and their closing celebration night they had an amazing band and transvilequist. I get really nervous spelling that word- Its the guy with puppets. (Just to be clear.) 
    Really the best I've ever seen, even on television.
    We were all laughing our heads off and at the end each player received a really nice soccer ball. 
    I was hustling to get Cache dinner and get to him to his awards ceremony.
     Cache did NOT want to go. Finally he let me in on why.
    "I'm afraid they'll make me sing." - Not that kind of ceremony Cache.
    "Will I see dead people?" Umm NO. That's a funeral. Hahaha!
    "OK. I guess I'll go."
    Readers Theatre at School.  

    • "Cinderella Bigfoot."
    • Cache played two parts: "Prince Smeldrid" and one of the Step Sisters: "Whiney"

    Gabe, Cache, Livia and blurry Hayden.
    • To play two parts Cache would throw a wig on and read his part in a girly voice.Then take it off and answer in his manly prince voice. He even had to get down on his knee and ask Cinderella to marry him!  If you know Cache,  to even talk to a girl is torture or do anything that has anything to do with girls.  He has grown up a lot this year!

       It was so funny. I was very proud! Good job Cachey Pie!

    Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    Easter Best

     We took a quick minute before leaving the house to take a few pictures, "just in case." We wanted to take pictures in a grassy field behind the church. Never happened. Naomi had colored her left leg solid green by the time we got 2 blocks to the church building, and Gage stuck 5 red jelly bean in his pocket that he had sucked on.  Glad I grabbed these crazy moments! 
    They me laugh so much

    Each child we have, I truly believe there could not be a happier, sillier child,
     but they just keep getting sillier.
    I mean seriously.
    Naomi. Look over here hun. 

    Just ONE nice picture guys. PLEASE!
    Does Cache's expression remind you of  Spratling Uncle in this pic or what? 

    "Naomi, put your foot down and smile pretty."
    "I can't help it, my foot just points when I laugh!"

     Bunnies ears fit Easter right?
    I give up! Get in the car!