Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cache - Soccer and Reader's Theatre

Spring is so fun. 
  • Cache finished up his soccer season.
  • Played on his cousin Kyle's team. 
  • Devin and Aunt Julie were assistant coaches.
  • Upwards was such a fun program. They had a big tunnel they ran through at the beginning of each game and their closing celebration night they had an amazing band and transvilequist. I get really nervous spelling that word- Its the guy with puppets. (Just to be clear.) 
Really the best I've ever seen, even on television.
We were all laughing our heads off and at the end each player received a really nice soccer ball. 
I was hustling to get Cache dinner and get to him to his awards ceremony.
 Cache did NOT want to go. Finally he let me in on why.
"I'm afraid they'll make me sing." - Not that kind of ceremony Cache.
"Will I see dead people?" Umm NO. That's a funeral. Hahaha!
"OK. I guess I'll go."
Readers Theatre at School.  

  • "Cinderella Bigfoot."
  • Cache played two parts: "Prince Smeldrid" and one of the Step Sisters: "Whiney"

Gabe, Cache, Livia and blurry Hayden.
  • To play two parts Cache would throw a wig on and read his part in a girly voice.Then take it off and answer in his manly prince voice. He even had to get down on his knee and ask Cinderella to marry him!  If you know Cache,  to even talk to a girl is torture or do anything that has anything to do with girls.  He has grown up a lot this year!

   It was so funny. I was very proud! Good job Cachey Pie!

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