Thursday, July 31, 2008

More backyard Fun

We are so lucky to have some really good neighbors. Which is really a good thing, considering how close all of our houses are(about 15ft apart) and no fences allowed! They love Cache and to say the VERY least Cache LOOOVES them. They knock on the door almost every warm evening asking for Cache to play. Cache almost hyperventilates trying to get his sandals on to go play with them. They are soo good with him. Also I added in a picture of my most recent garage sale purchase. The best $3 I think I've ever spent, thus far in my life. Devin took these pictures.. I love them.




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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Painting On a Smile


This is what my family is up to right now. Wheat Harvest!(I stole the pictures from my mom's blog,Thanks!) I'm sure it doesn't look so great to you, but I can literally smell the wheat just looking at the pictures. aaah, just let me go home. That's my dad in the bottom right picture driving the combine. :)
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Monday, July 21, 2008


Every weekend during the summer, the city of St. Louis puts on free concerts at the Levy. We went last year, had a blast so we decided to go this year too! Lonestar was playing. It rained as we started walking to the concert, I was so excited (I love rain), but it stopped by the time we reached the Mississippi and we were lucky enough to see this rainbow.

And since I'm out of the closet(in a pregnant sorta way)and the belly's already been Blogged...

Shabam,,, big OL belly...

Just Helping that belly get bigger!

Well it turned out to be quite the night. We found the "awesomest parking spot" really close to the levy that was FREE. Then we found a Hardees to get milk shakes so we wouldn't have to buy a $12 ice cream cone like last year, and walked down to the levee for the concert, but it was completely empty! A park ranger told us that because of the flooding it had been moved to the middle of the city about 15 blocks up. (No wonder we found such a great parking spot) So we decided to walk....instead of having to re park. Oh boy 15 blocks are a lot bigger in St. Louis than in Pendleton or anywhere I've been. On our 15 block trek, we found an i-phone on the we picked it up and called the last person on the "recently called list." No one answered so we left a message telling them we found their phone. We got to the concert and as we were entering the gate the phone rang.. it took both Devin and I combined efforts to figure out how to answer such a fancy phone and when we finally did and it was the owner's wife... they were also at the concert. We told them where we were and then I heard "oh wait to do you have a baby on your shoulders?"..They were literally standing right next to us..It was an older couple and he said he had just gotten the phone the night before!Lucky dog. So crazy.
We almost got a babysitter for Cache! I'm so glad we didn't we had the best time. These two videos were taken with a cell phone so not high quality but still so funny at least to us.

These two guys were Awesome! They never stopped the ENTIRE concert. OH did I mention this was a COUNTRY music concert? Between these two guys and Cache we were VERY entertained.. oh yah Lonestar was pretty good too.

They ended the concert with Fireworks.
I love this picture. It always makes me tear up. A boy couldn't love his daddy more than Cache loves Devin,, and also the other way around.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Where's the Macaroni?

I realize how unheatlhy a Macaroni and Cheese dinner can be with all of it's refined sugar and perservatives and whatever else they decide to put in there, it's basically anti-nutrition and I'de probably be better not eating anything at all..but sometimes like tonight, I just need a good old box of Mac N' cheese for dinner. I love the stuff! I even sent Devin on a special errand to pick up some at the store, but just now when I decided it's Mac N' cheese time... All 6 boxes(Food storage) Devin brought home were gone. I searched every cupboard and finally out of desperation I asked the 2 year old living in the house.. this usually gets me no where, but tonight he said: "dey In da COUCH!" Well duh of course where else?..I found 10 boxes of macaroni and cheese under the couch... story doesn't end there. As I was fishing out the boxes of macaroni Cache decided that a good place for the Cheerios was in the bathroom all over the floor and dumped most of the box. I told him he needed to pick up the cheerios or do a time out. With a smile he sat himself in time out. What now? So then I threatened a spank if he didn't pick them up. My mistake was putting this threat in the form of a question. Do you want a spank Cache? Again with a smile he says "Yep!" and comes over to me turns around and bends over... There are still cheerios on the floor and I will be cleaning them up after I put Cache to bed early, find a lock for the pantry and stop laughing!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Afternoon at the Lake

Yesterday Devin came home from School and said "we're going to the lake!" Missouri has a lot of state parks all around and he had a new one in mind for the afternoon. We packed stuff planning to roast marshmallows, but one step into the humidity here and there is now way we wanted to build a fire and get Hotter.. So we hiked a couple trails, sweated A TON, the boys threw rocks in the lake while I played with the camera. Instead of a fire that evening we ate our packed dinner in the air conditioned car.... It was a beautiful lake. I am posting some Pregant pictures JUST for my family who doesn't think I looked pregnant in my last post. (This is true love) Disclaimer: We had just hiked in the hot humid weather and my hair is in my "anti tick" up do. I would like to say this isn't how I always look these days,,, but I might be lying soo here you go. Amie 31 weeks pregnant. Love you guys!

Cache likes to point at the baby and "tickle it." We are so excited for her to come. I hope Cache and her can be really close like Ben and I always were.
Cache and I reacting to Devin's "pretend Marshmallow" on top of his head... Devin's tactic to get Cache to look at the camera...

Monday, July 7, 2008

One BIG wonderful Independence Day!

We had a full day this 4th and it was just the best day. We started off the day with a small town parade with lots of candy and cool cars of course. Warning I took a TON of pictures. Everyone is dressed for a giant family portrait all in red and blue,, so too cute not to take a million pictures.


So we went to the parade with our Neighbors. We all live within a few doors of one another and all these guys have become our "family away from family." We love them. Let me introduce them to you.
Brennan and Mary Family- Aspen,Hallie,Cannon and Caleb

Cade and Summer! (Sky and Kayala not pictured but those are their kids)

Chant and Kara Family: kiddos are Brinley,Ainsley and baby Preston -sorry Kara was off feeding baby Porter and is not pictured.

Cute Brinley waving at the horsies.

Cache and Aspen

Patriotism and a Firetruck I liked.. I know random

Ainsley Hiding from the Sun(above)
Brennan and Caleb doing some father some bonding(below)

The 3 boys pictured Below: Cache,Sky and Cannon. They are all 2 years old and learning to ride bikes together, share and not pummel eachother.

After the parade we were Off to Lunch... The Next two Pictures are from our Lunch with friends that we go to church with. Cache had a blast following the older kiddos around and learning how to do somersaults on the tramp. Devin and I began our big day of eating good old American food including homemade icecream.

EVENING BBQ @ The Whettons with more of our St. Louis family
After a quick nap to Prepare for the evenings happenings we whipped up some salads and headed to St. Louis for a BBQ at Chris and Carolina's. Lots of good food, volleyball, crocket and visiting.

This is our good friends Trent and Daniele(pictured above) and their little boy Krew(Krewbie according to Cache) They came with us to the BBQ. They are so fun.



Our independence day ended with surprise tickets to a Tim Mcgraw concert. The boys stayed at Chris and Carolina's and lit their own fireworks while April and I went. She is due the exact same time as me and so we hung out with all the teeny boppers on the grass and layed down on our blanket and rested our huge pregoo bellies on songs we didn't like that much. We both love Tim Mcgraw so we sang our little hearts out and talked about how grateful we weren't in highschool anymore as we watched our fellow concert goers..we had some good laughs, It was a BLAST! The concert ended with a big firework show.
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We had the best independence day and are so grateful for all those that sacrifice so much for our country our president, our our troops and their families especially. What a great country we live in. We love the United States of America!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The first Day of "imaginary" school

Picked out his own clothes, put on his alleegators(green sandals), loaded his "pack pack" and tried to leave the house.... Today Cache told me he was "going to my school mom"

I think Aunt Ashley taught him this pose and gives me a thumbs up whenever I ask him if he likes Anything. Example: "do you like your cereal?" Or today are you excited to go to school?" NO words just a thumbs up and a funny smile.
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Unloading his "pack Pack" let's see he has all the essentials.. starting with a football.
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