Saturday, July 5, 2008


We had the awesome privelage of Aunt Judy and Uncle Mike visiting us this week. Judy is Janie(Devin's mom) only sister. This was my first time meeting her and the first time Devin had seen her in about 10 or so years. We loved visiting with them and never once did I feel like they were strangers. We met them at their motel, showed them where we lived, visited for awhile, looked at the garden and went to dinner at Uncle Mike and Devin's favorite: "The Outback." Cache showed all of his many colors good and bad, but warmed up fast and loved Aunt Judy..actually it was "Uncle Joody and Aunt Mike" and no arguing about it. It was so nice to be with family and even planned our next trip to meet and hang out. Thanks for visiting!


Cher said...

BTW- You DON'T look 30 weeks pregnant, AT ALL! You look great, only 10 more weeks;) Yipee!

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

It's really fun to see pictures of you : )