Sunday, May 18, 2014

Easter 2014

 I took our traditional white rocking chair pictures before church and you know me, I can't choose. So here's a bunch. I love them all for each different expression.

 So without realizing, it this the the 3rd year I've purchased almost the exact same ties for the boys.
Maybe next year I'll step out of my box a bit. 

Cache got his first real non-clip on tie.

Pre-Easter happenings.

 Cache colored this egg for me! Here are the 3 sides with his message...

 Blueberry dyed egg.. pretty cool.

We had a really sweet Easter this year. Its beginning to be my favorite holiday.  Maybe its' coming off a dark cold winter and arriving at spring and Easter. Maybe it's as I get older and experience a bit more the sting of death and the hope that Easter symbolizes. I don't know but it's just got a sweetness  that no other holiday has for me. On Easter morning, when I wake up to the sun, I feel so happy and I want to whisper because it feels like such a special morning. haha! Anyway...
 The day before we went to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. We had our friends (The Hunts) little girls with us that morning. So we marched five little kids down to the park for the hunt. It was awesome. Gage was in the 0-3 year old group so he was a giant among literally babies. He got tons and tons of candy since all the little babies didn't even know what was going on. Hilarious. I love having a park right in the middle of our neighborhood. Everyone we go to school with and church or live next to was there. Just a fun gathering place. I call it our "neighborhood living room." 

Sunday we had early church so we had an even earlier Easter egg hunt Sunday morning. The bunny hid all the candy in the basement. We ate boiled eggs and chocolate bunnies for breakfast. After church we ate all the chocolate in the house and napped. Then we headed over to the Whilkensen's,  our neighbors for Easter dinner. Melissa and Brett Peirce and kids also. (Another friend of ours who are house sitting for parents that are in Japan on a mission.)   Combined we had 11 kids at dinner and they played the entire time and didn't even fuss. Easter miracle. Us adults sat and talked for over 4 hours at the table. Love evenings that turn out like that! Beautiful day and evening. Love me some Easter