Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Oregon trip

In April, we went to Oregon to listen to Devin's Dad Wayne speak.  He has been released from his job as Stake President after 9+ years. It was neat to hear him speak. That is a big job and an even bigger weight off his shoulders.  We knew that soon they would be selling this house and all animals and putting in mission papers, so we just tried to go home and make a few last memories in Devin's childhood home.
Naomi and her "bestest cousin" Krista (who Naomi says in hike-school and knows everything) romped around with Grandma's horses in handmade dresses by Grandma. As I watched these two girls, it struck me that I was watching a quintessential, never to be re-created again childhood moment. 
 So I had to grab my camera. 
"All animals love me mama."    
Naomi is just like her Grandma Janie in her love for animals. I mean really you have no idea. Nay was born with it. 
Before Devin's parents left, Janie sold/gave away her: cats, kittens, little dog, big dog, 2 horses and miniature donkey. And all in one week.  My heart hurt for her a little bit. I know that was hard for her! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tiny Dancer

A true sweetheart.
She brings joy.

"Take a picture of my pointy toes mommy!"
Love the toes but it's her precise little hands that get my heart.
She can't roll her tounge but she has other talents.
 Our tiny dancer. 
Our girl. 
Our priceless treasure.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A few Firsts

First time riding a bike. Even in a princess dress!
First time making tortillas. (Even if they are on his head!)
First time facetiming cousin Danny by himself.
First time having an iceream cone!(He didn't know what to do with it.)
First(and last) time riding a komakazi 4 wheeler. Gage loved it. I'm sure they were going 60+mph.  Never again! Not while I'm alive.
First time riding a motorcycle. 
First time I've experience my fearless kids being scared of SOMETHING. 
Glad to know they have limits! Besides Gage...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Track break

Year round school makes it so Cache gets the Month of March off from school!
He kept busy by:
Decorating for Easter.
Being my special helper in Naomi's pre-school.  
And exploding anything with baking soda and vinegar he could.

Redecorating his room.
(I guess he thought this was cooler than my wooden boats and letters I had up there.)
Playing his favorite game of "Chest" daily.

That kid is camera trained. 
Hanging at Dad's office.
Helping me Design an ice cream cake for his cool Aunt Julie!
Shoe shopping. Or in other words; tearing down the Nike store.
 Luckily, the employees at Nike are all about play and help organize a game of catch or race for them... 

And just hanging with the family.

Finally enough was enough of our small house in the winter,
 so we shipped him out to Oregon for a week.
That left Gage and Naomi some major alone time.

"Now sit still Gage while I make your hair pretty or I'll spank your little bum."

We missed our Cache but face time kept us in touch.
Then Grandma Colette brought him back to us along with a sponge bob puzzle.
Now my kids love puzzles like her! That's good. Devin says it will make them into problem solvers when they grow up. :)

Cache loves his time in Oregon. Especially by himself. But to my surprise he called everyday and the first thing he wanted to know was: "How is Nay and Gage? What did they do today? "What is Naomi doing? Can I talk to her?" My little heart almost burst hearing them chat on the phone and laugh about this and that... 
YES! Finally friends! I've been trying so long for this! Consider track break a success!