Monday, June 10, 2013

Cache finishes First Grade

Cache finished up his 1st Grade year.  Some things in Cache's personality came to light this year:
1. He is a class clown. Possibly the class clown. (Which yes, gets him in trouble)
2. He is more clowny in the winter time.
3. He is every one's friend.
4. He tells everyone he rides the bus or takes his scooter to school, but in fact, I pick him up every day. Just wishful thinking he says.
5. His reading skills have really blossomed this year. He is favorite books included: Captain Underpants series and Chronicles of Narnia.
6. Spends his recess playing tether ball, fly up football and pretend Hero Factory with Gabe and Brandon and Collin.
10. Some of his good friends also included: Preston Griffith, Taylor and Hayden.

Cache had a good first grade year. We are so Glad for Mrs. Kalkman who was calm, relaxed but consistent. She could handle  a first grade boy and all his silliness.  He had a lot of good friends and just like all of our kids sitting still for more than 5 seconds(besides when a cartoon is on) is complete torture.  We are working on this. I blame the Ortons for it.  The whining,,, came from the Spratling side.

 We heard a lot about Livia this year. She was a ninja for Halloween just like Cache and her family loves football her little sister is named Naomi, and she is the only person that can beat him in a foot race!  So.. thank you Livia for curbing Cache's girla-phobia. 
We are hoping that he will tolerate his sister a bit more now. 
We went swimming and out for burgers to celebrate the last day of school!
 First swim of the season = owie swim toes.  It took 3 of us and Lightening McQueen cartoon to get these band aides on his raw toes.  He hated band aides! But Oh I'm in love with those tosies and chubby fingers.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

OH the things they say!

Going to bed after Gage was already sleeping. Tip toeing around the room while I helped him get settled. "Mom, last time Gage was sleeping before me, I tried so hard to wake him up and he wouldn't wake up! First I patted his diaper, then I gave him a wet willy and even a wedgie! And he STILL wouldn't wake up!"

"Mom, in OUR house we follow the prophet."
Me: Yes we do. (feeling very impressed and proud of her statement.)
Naomi: "Or if we don't he will KICK our heinie"s out of house!"
Me: Wait.. what?
Naomi: If we wreck our house like push the screens out the windows and color on the walls,
The prophet will make us move out of our house because that's what the Lord will tell him to do.
Me: "um nooo... "

Took me about an hour of processing to finally click what she was talking about...

Naomi has the biggest destructive bone in her. If it can be colored, picked at, ripped in half, bit in half, chewed on, scraped off, bent, punched a hole in,  she HAS to do it. She is infamous for just walking by a window and pushing the screen out just because.
So we started being drastic with her and told her if she kept ruining things the Landlord would kick us out and we would live on the street.

Right about the same time she is learning in primary that the Prophet is the Lords mouthpiece on the earth.... Ahahaha!

Whenever he is made to ride in the stroller or cart on a jog or at the store, Gage will find something, usually a feather or just his finger point it foward into the air and yell in a very gruff voice: "CHAAAAARGE!"  And he will do it for the entire duration of the ride.  So funny and yet so exhausting . Especially in stores it drains me.   And if you whisper to him to stop yelling, he will yell louder: "NO I'm NOT YELLING!"  So that's pointless. And if you keep on him enough he will then cry, so we usually let him  yell. At least he is happy.

Gage is sweetheart. That can be said about him 95% of the time.  But if he is off.... He is very hot and cold. If he's into it,  He is extactic about most things we do everyday.He is VERY excited and will jump and cheer at anything we do.  "Yah! We are going to the gym! YEAAAH we are going to take a nap!" It adds a lot of energy and happiness to our house.
But then something flips in him and we all know Gage is in a bad mood. He will yell at me for everything including turning the car down a road he doesn't think we should go down. (He is 2 ) Or what song is on the radio.  And if anyone says anything he will yell: "I HATE and name whatever they just said." This gets us laughing pretty hard sometimes depending on what he has just yelled.

And when putting his clothes and shoes on, I always put the wrong shoe on his foot first because I know whatever foot I put it on, he will insist it goes on the other.  I even had to start putting his shirt on backwards if it doesn't have a picture on the front, because he will always insist I turn it around.
So we do things to make him feel like he is in control. (Thank you love and logic book!)  Constantly giving him choices when he doesn't need to have them. Do you want to nap on your bed or Cache's bed?  Do you want Lightening McQueen book or Thomas? If he is in the middle of a fit, he will immediately stop if he realizes you are giving him control of some kind of situation.  Never tell him which shoes, instead always: Which shoes Gage? Your blue ones or black ones?   As he is getting a little older and understanding reason a tiny bit, I'm curbing that and making him do things without a choice.
Ah these kids. They are a puzzle to figure out sometimes!