Monday, June 10, 2013

Cache finishes First Grade

Cache finished up his 1st Grade year.  Some things in Cache's personality came to light this year:
1. He is a class clown. Possibly the class clown. (Which yes, gets him in trouble)
2. He is more clowny in the winter time.
3. He is every one's friend.
4. He tells everyone he rides the bus or takes his scooter to school, but in fact, I pick him up every day. Just wishful thinking he says.
5. His reading skills have really blossomed this year. He is favorite books included: Captain Underpants series and Chronicles of Narnia.
6. Spends his recess playing tether ball, fly up football and pretend Hero Factory with Gabe and Brandon and Collin.
10. Some of his good friends also included: Preston Griffith, Taylor and Hayden.

Cache had a good first grade year. We are so Glad for Mrs. Kalkman who was calm, relaxed but consistent. She could handle  a first grade boy and all his silliness.  He had a lot of good friends and just like all of our kids sitting still for more than 5 seconds(besides when a cartoon is on) is complete torture.  We are working on this. I blame the Ortons for it.  The whining,,, came from the Spratling side.

 We heard a lot about Livia this year. She was a ninja for Halloween just like Cache and her family loves football her little sister is named Naomi, and she is the only person that can beat him in a foot race!  So.. thank you Livia for curbing Cache's girla-phobia. 
We are hoping that he will tolerate his sister a bit more now. 
We went swimming and out for burgers to celebrate the last day of school!
 First swim of the season = owie swim toes.  It took 3 of us and Lightening McQueen cartoon to get these band aides on his raw toes.  He hated band aides! But Oh I'm in love with those tosies and chubby fingers.

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