Friday, May 23, 2008

TAGGED thanks Cindy I needed something to update my blog with!

A) Four places I go over and over: The Horse park(love it there),the pantry(there is licorice in there),the bathroom(ditto Cindy a pregnancy blessing),Target/red box(it's a sickness)
B) Four people who e-mail me regularly: Janie(Devin's mom sends a weekly email),babycenter,,Cindy sue
C) Four of my favorite places to eat: St. Louis bread co.,Red Robin, home sweet home in Oregon, Hamleys(located in Oregon)
D) Four places I would rather be right now: The Beach,Disney world,home on the farm, an island somewhere with good food..
E) Four people I talk to on a daily basis: Devin,Cache,LeNELL(I babysit for her),Sarah(almost daily)
F) Four TV shows I watch over and over: The Office(on line), and that's all I guess because we don't have TV. Cache has been watching a movie called "Potty bear" these days,sometimes.
G) Four people I'm tagging: Cherisse(if you have time),Aunt Natalie,Sandy(if you read this) and Ashley if you feel so inclined. Okay Four is not enough, Sara Orton, and Poyfairs!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our own little Mother's day

Today I felt very loved by my husband and son. Devin spoke in church and gave a beautiful talk about the divinity of motherhood and some touching stories of his own mother and her infuence in his life. It was soo good. As a gift he gave me a book called "I am a Mother" by Jane Clayson, and anyone that hasn't read it, I will be buying you a copy for your birthday, because it is an awesome book. He also made me the best dinner,with HOME MADE stuffing and mash potatoes(my favorite meal) and angelfood cake for desert. Hmmm I think I need to go have some of those left overs.

Mother's day

Ever since finding out that I'm going to have a girl, I will be honest when I say, I was scared out of my pants. I was so sure that it was a boy because I don't feel I am ready to raise a girl to be the kind of woman or mother SO far from ever becoming and would hope that she would be. Today, being Mother's day and I was able to sit and think about my own Mother and all the beautiful examples I have as mother's, I felt so much hope that if I have this many amazing women as examples to me, hopefully, if I try hard enough, I won't fall too fall from the apple tree.
Here are the Mother's I have in my life.

This is my Grandma Carla, holding my dad as a baby in the wheat fields of Utah. Isn't she pretty? I feel so lucky to be able to grow up with her as my "neighbor" on the farm.

This is my Grandma Childers. I love everything about her including her Hair(as you can see), her accent and most of ALL her laugh!

This is my mother in law and she raised the best son and so thankful for her!
And finally this is my mother, the most compassionate person I know.. I love you so much mom.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

12:45 AM

This was about the time that two solemn boys came knocking at the door. I think BEFORE bedtime they had a pretty good Father son campout with hotdogs,nachos, a bonfire and friends.
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Friday, May 9, 2008

Will they Make it?

Since Cache was BORN,(and still nursing) Devin has begged me every spring to let him take Cache on the annual Father son Campout in whatever ward we happen to be in. This year I really had no excuse to say no... Devin packed everything in under 5 minutes, until I reminded him that they needed bug spray,wipes and diapers ...Oops I just realized they didn't take toothbrushes..I have high doubts they would use them anyway without me there. I really can't say I wish i could go because I don't, but I do wish I could just peep in to laugh at them and take pictures everyonce in awhile... especially when bedtime rolls around. Which brings me to my question.."Will they make it through the night? Will I be sleeping alone tonight?" I wish you guys could see how excited Devin was getting ready to go. It's like he has been waiting his entire life for this day.. I hope they have a good time.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yet Another video of Cache and His Geetar...for Grandma

Daniel Boone House


We spent an afternoon driving through the beautiful countryside and touring the homestead of the great American Daniel Boone. I LOVE the Missouri country side, it truly is so amazingly beautiful.
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More Geetars with Grandpa Motorcycle

Cache Loved Grandma and Grandpa "motocycle." He has a Grandpa farmer-tractor(my dad) and so he calls Devin's dad Grandpa Motorcycle.. and everyonce in awhile Grandpa Charger(he drives a sweet Dodge Charger and gave Cache a Toy Dodge Charger). We had a grand time with Wayne and Janie and miss them now they are gone.

We Love the Whettons

These are our good friends Chris and Carolina and their boy Jeremiah hanging out with us last Sunday. Carolina since has had her 2nd baby boy: Zeb Stone Whetton. Congrats! Cache and Jeremiah both have the middle name of David, both being named after thier Grandpa's. They both love horses and and singing "ei ei oh" . Devin and Chris go to school together. Carolina did my hair and is from Preston Idaho where my Grandma and cousins live(small world). We all love to eat Carolina's home cooking, so we all make good friends. (Sorry about the abnoxious laugh of the camera lady)

I Think she's Pretty

I always thought I would cry the day I was ever forced to drive a mini van, but I find myself thinking of places to go just so I can get in and drive it. I LOVE it! Yes we are very spoiled and have more than we need. We are just very thankful!(And what a color to eh?)