Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Projects with Grandma Tractor

This was the highlight of Cache's week. He stares at it all day and LOVED doing this project with Grandma Tractor. (Cache differentiates his grandparents by the vehicles each Grandpa drives) My dad is a farmer thus grandma and grandpa Tractor and Devin's pop drives a Harley to and from his meetings as a stake president..thus Grandma and grandpa Motorcycle.

Happy Birthday to ME! My mom made me the most Beautiful Birthday Cake. She worked on it most of all week and it tastes AMAZING! Thank you mom. She left me with some of the cake decorating tools, so I can't wait till Cache's birthday to try out some things she taught me.

One last shot with Grandma before we took her to the airport. What would we do without grandmas? Well one thing is for sure: there would have been a lot more tears from me if I had to leave Cache in the middle of the night with anyone but Devin's mom. Also a much crankier Amie if my both grandma's weren't there to entertain Cache, wake up early with him read him stories while I slept in with Naomi. They also helped Cache stay the coarse with potty training, and fill our freezer with delicious meals that I can only attempt to recreate and always fail miserably. They also did so much more that I can't even write it all. We enjoyed our time so much with our mom's. It was very hard to say goodbye. Thank you mom and Janie!(I can't find the pictures with Janie right now, they must be on a different camera or something).
Just one last photo for fun of my "children." Wow that is so crazy to say that. Going from one to two is so much fun. I love it already. I love to see Cache talk to her when I'm around the corner and gathering for family prayer before bed with just one more, seems so much more exciting. It seems like we are more of a complete family instead of just us 3 amigos.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Something about girls

My good friend Jeanette took this picture, she is such a good photographer. I came to her with this idea in my head of this picture I wanted and she made it even better than I imagined. I hope to be able to take pictures like her someday. She did a whole photo shoot, but this is the only one I've seen so far.
Something is so different about having a little girl in the house! She is so much more fragile and everything she does seems sweet, even dirty diapers. Cache was so fun, but we seemed to think he was just hilarious from the time he was born. With Naomi, we just sigh a lot, and say "ahh." Quick story to demonstrate. Our good friends came by the house for a visit who have two boys.(I'll leave their name out just in case they aren't happy I'm sharing this story, but really it was soo funny.) They walked in the house however with only one boy. After a few moments I started looking around for their baby and couldn't see him. "Where's you little one? Did you leave him at home?" They looked around and then at each other.."Oh my gosh did we leave him outside?" Outside sitting on the front steps in his car seat was their little guy, just hanging out happy as could be. HAHA! Devin and I laughed about that for a couple days. HARD....It was just so funny. But as we were laughing about it, and I'm thinking "That is something I might do anyday of the week." Devin says "I could NEVER forget her somewhere like that, EVER." He's a gonner! Not even 2 weeks old and she's got daddy's heart strings.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome to Our Family Naomi

This was absolutely the most emotion I think I've ever felt as they put her in my arms. Cache was born C-section and both of us were in shock and bad shape,so this was a new experience. I can't even think about it without crying, even as I type! What a beautiful day.

What a bonding experience it was for Devin and I too. At this moment I loved my baby, but loved Devin even more. He is so good to me.

Meeting big brother for the first time. Even though they are further apart in age I hope they will be as close as me and my Big brother Ben always were.

First family PHOTO! Don't we just live for days like these?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sorry I've been so SLOW lately!

Here are some shots of Cache's new Animal kingdom in a bucket, that has been growing in our back yard. When Janie was here taking care of Cache for us while we were trying to get Naomi into this world, her and Cache found this cute turtle walking down the street and put it in a bucket. Since returning home, Devin and Cache have added to the turtles lovely bucket habitat with several new frogs and toads.. They have enjoyed several fun filled nights of catching crickets for their supper. We had to call Aunt sarah who has a turtle in her classroom to find out that the turtle needed bananas. Anyway, I thought these were funny pictures. Devin took them.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

to catch up on my life..

you can go down to the "Gram and Gramps" blog on the right hand side of my blog. I really have no steam to want to blog right now sorry! We did have a baby girl this last week and her name is Naomi. It feels like Christmas morning every day right now. So exciting and just really wonderful, but man zaps the energy right from ya. Go look at that blog to see her pictures!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So my phone has begun ringing an unusual amount past few days... but Not yet! as in No baby yet.. and right now this is a very very good thing. I'm holding my breath for the next 3 days and crossing my legs. Devin began his 3 days of tests this morning. On Monday he was informed that his school policy changed and he was required to take the GRE .. pronto to if he wanted to do a concurrent master's degree with his chiropractic degree. Considering the master's program was almost the whole reason he chose this school(that and prayer).... he decided that there really wasn't a choice. So he has been spending the last month cramming for National Boards that take place Friday and Saturday, and was informed then Thursday morning before boards was his only chance go take the GRE. Now maybe I'm wrong but the GRE always seemed like a big deal to me.. I watched my roomates pay for classes on how to help them score well on the GRE and then prepare for weeks. Am I wrong? So this stressed me out. Devin in typical Devin fashion didn't miss a beat said: "I'll just do what I can do" so he said a prayer... and went this morning and winged it.. He did remarkably well. Actually very well! All last night when he was still studying for BOARDS and NOT the GRE, I kept watching him totally stressing for him and he just kept very calm and even seemed happy and made dinner for us. I finally said "Devin you realize that you COULD fail the GRE right?" He paused for only a second and said "Yes of course Amie." And went on his merry way. Devin has made me eat more words more than any human being on the earth. Anyway after Devin took the GRE this morning he drove from the test, straight to the library and will be there all day studying for boards of course, until 6:00 at least, that is when his first soccer practice starts. He will be coaching Cache and a team of 3 year old aspiring soccer players. Cache and I went soccer shoe shopping this morning, and found the perfect pair. Actually they are the exact pair of shoes he got last fall, that he loved so much he wore holes through the toes and still wore them until I hid them a few months ago.. We just got a bigger size. He was so excited carrying them around the store.. even more fun was having him try on different shoes and Cache had to test them out by "doing oympics" (Olympics) He would get down like he was in the starting blocks and have me or the shoe department lady say "ready, set, GO!" and then he would run the isle up and down..It was probably a good thing we went in the morning, so we were usually the only ones in the store or shoe department. Well so anyway Devin has one day of testing down and two FULL days to conquer. Janie is getting here tonight(my mother in law) so that will be such a relief, to know if something down happen, she will be here! Not to mention some adult company while Devin is in studying ect. I in the mean time am having such a hard time wanting to get all this stuff done before company and the baby comes like hanging curtains, cleaning, grocery shopping and I REALLY want to mow that lawn... cleaning out the fridge would be really nice too and I haven't gone visiting teaching this month..but last night I vacuumed all the cars.. I just couldn't stand it anymore and it made Devin really nervous,, he kept saying in this weird accent: "Amie is is written in the Bible that you shall now go into labor before Sunday." So that's that! Here are a couple fun recent pictures of life with Cache.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Haha, Just kidding.. although this is a beautiful baby, he is not mine. This is the real Mommy

April gave birth to Mckay Theodore Barrett 2 and 1/2 weeks early and still weighing in over 9lbs, so we were praying she would have him early! She was due the day before me. I'm so excited for her to be a mom. What a lucky baby.
So you remember these three Beautiful Bellies? Well mine is the only one left, with no telling if she's come today or in 3 weeks. I really am okay with her coming on her due date, then Devin will be done with his first set national boards(which will be the biggest test of Devin's life so far, so pretty big deal). And one of our mom's will be here to watch Cache....so I can just go and not worry about him. However my contractions are getting pretty constant(braxton hicks whatever) and I sleep about 2 hours a night in 15 minute incraments because it feels like I'm in labor..so who knows.. My neighbors and I were walking about 3-5 miles every other day.. so I slowed down on that hoping she will stay in a bit longer....There is stillso much to do before she makes her arrival.

So since nobody knows when and all the books say nothing predicts it.. When do you think the third and final bump of this trio will make it's debut? Make a guess, and maybe we'll give her your middle name.. Maybe.. if your middle name is Tahitian.. I'm going to go take another nap.