Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's just one continuous party around here...

I turned 28 on the 28th

It was a really good day. 
Baby Gage and I slept in till 10:30. (If you don't count getting up at 2:30, 5:00 and 8:30)
Gage also turned ONE week old on my birthday.
My mom showed up after lunch with Cache and Nay who had been playing in Oregon for almost a week.  
Oh we missed them.

We decided to ORDER in salads from Cafe rio AND cheesecake factory. 
That way I could taste salads from both my favorite places.
We were so glad that we ordered IN instead of going out.
During dinner the baby demanded feeding, Nay needed changing,
and fell off the bench.
Food was everywhere, (Naomi and me).
It was a circus.
But who wants a boring party?

Devin is a good party thrower.
He is the sweetest man.
and goofiest.

Several hours later after everyone was finally finished eating
I got to open gifts that Devin and I went shopping for the night before.
All alone. (all alone plus baby)  We stayed out till the stores closed, just roaming, trying on
weird clothes texting pictures of them to Ben and Sarah and picking out new red kitchen knives and new red tupperware.

My first real tupperware that didn't use to live as a yogurt container or that someone 
left at our house! ha. 

Shopping that night reminded me of the first 3 years of our marriage... just me, Devin 
and Cache.  We took him everywhere from his earliest days.  
Those were some sweet days. 
We never were home for bedtime.
it was our first one and we were 22... we didn't know babies had bedtimes.
Cache was always happy as a jay lark.
He never got cranky now matter how late it was.

Now we are always home by 7 or before or we are asking for trouble.

** A girl from Devin's work made my birthday cake. **
I loooved it! I've never even met her.
Isn't it perty?

Now we are getting ready for Haalooweeeen then Cache's b-day and Devin's birthday,
6yr anniversary and Holidays just get more exciting from there...

I might get depressed after New years is over.
Or hopefully by then I'll be all partied out.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mom, Ben and Cindy sue,
This is what is happening in Boise today:

Sammy did awesome.

We got to see Bryson and Braylie AND Sammy run.  
Lucky US!  (My bro and two cousins) 
They all did so good. Bryson I'm pretty sure placed in the top 10
 at least. He was a little bullet. So fun.

And baby Gus ;) is starting to wake up and look around.
Devin has already nicknamed him and I haven't even called him
 by his first name yet.

 That's all.
love you guys.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

S U R P R I S E !!!

I've mentioned before that I think
 I was born with a sign stuck to my back that says : "I love surprises."
 And here is our latest surprise:
3 weeks early

{Gage Devin Orton } 

Or at least that is what everyone is calling him. 
I wasn't planning on this decision for anther month...
But he is here. And it sounds so weird coming out of my mouth,
but he already feels SO a part of us.
Already feels like he is ours. 
It was an instant thing with this little guy.

He was born yesterday morning just before 9am.
Totally unexpected.
7lbs 10 oz.
I'll tell you the story later.
Nothing too exciting but I always love to hear other birth stories.
For now here is his sweet face.

He is very sleepy all the time. Nothing like his siblings.

Take note: Key to having cute babies.
Marry  someone with a face like this ;)

We are home and happy! 

Okay Missouri gals, who's next? 
I was suppose to be 4th or 5th....ended 1st or 2nd?
Good luck. You're gonna need it. :)
Child birth is phew,
crazy crrrrrrazy hard.

How did I forget that?

OH i know...

because most hard things...

are worth it.

no but seriously
good luck girls

Monday, September 20, 2010

I uuh toooo!

Dear Naomi,
I absolutely love you. I love being your mom. It is a privilege to be able to raise you.  You are so beautiful. I want to be a better person because you are my daughter. I want to be more of the person that you can look up to, and the woman that I hope you will be someday.  You are a gift. You are my gift.
Happy Birthday! You are TWO!

For your birthday Dad stayed up till 3am putting together your new play kitchen. 
Mom was sewing you a duvet cover and swearing like a sailor through every stitch.  But you don't know that.
I will not sew your wedding or prom dress. So don't ask.
You love doggies so much so,we took you to pet smart on your birthday to look at the puppies, then out to I-hop to eat blueberry pancakes (and because kids eat free) but you also don't know that.
YOu made a MESS. Just like always.

Dad let you open another gift that night. Play food to go with your kitchen.
You and Cache played forever with the kitchen and food next morning. 
I even got to shower while you guys played.
Here you are above showing us how old you are with your two fingers.
Oh we SO do love you.

One of you favorite gifts are your cards.
You carry them around, like to put them on the fireplace and tell everyone
that the card is "my bertday gorl."  
This makes me very happy.

We saved your cake for the next day when Uncle Sam and Grandma Colette 
came to town. I made you a dog food cake. 
Grandma used the left overs to whip out a puppy cake. 

 Cousin Krista brought you "puppy ears" 
to wear at your puppy party.

You had a surprise visitor: "Cousin Grandma"(grandma Orton) popped into town right 
when the party started!  
What a lucky "Bertday gorl" you are to have BOTH grandma's at your party!

You and Cache are everything to us.
We love you.

H a p p y B i r t h d a y !