Sunday, February 28, 2010

I wasn't going to go to church today.
I didn't feel super good this weekend, and Cache and Nay were up late(Eating late night Tamales at Marta's).  Devin has National Board reviews, so early morning church, alone with two tired crankies and a tummy ache... seemed a bit pointless to me.  When Cache and Nay are tired in church they don't sleep on my lap like others. They start throwing things: hymn books,toys, themselves and punches.  They were both born with an incredible right hook. 
 I felt good about my decision.
But inevitably this morning, as I lay in bed, happy with the out look of the day. In to my head popped the faces of several good friends, who are single moms.  They have many more responsibilities and children than I do, and they are always, always, at church. 
Darn you good examples.
I went to Church...
  • In sacrament meeting I looked over and saw two bare feet.  After scolding: "Cache where are your boots? Where are your socks?  Cache shrugged his shoulders and pulled out an extra pair of underwear out of his pocket.  ??? I still don't know where his socks went. 
  • Naomi got her head stuck in a chair and I couldn't get it out.  Nice accompaniment to the Young women singing: "Be still my soul."  Also a lovely bruise left on her head from trying to get her out.
  •  Naomi layed down spread eagle in front of the door to the chapel as everyone was filing into the other wards sacrament meeting... very much in everyone's way.  But in her mind they were in her way and glared gave everyone the stinker face, and tried to kick or hit anyone that stepped over her.
  • We spent the last two hours of church just roaming the halls, and trying to block out the ever lingering thought: "Why did I come to church today?" 
  • Then Naomi pulled my skirt down to my knees....  I think the only person that might have saw was Trent.  OH well, we're sorta family right?  Not really.. we'll pretend. aaaah.  

I'm glad I went to church.  There is always, a hidden blessing.
The blessing from today is that in 20 years I remember days like today and enjoy 
sitting through quiet church that much more... 
actually I imagine I'll miss it.

Getting stuck places is becoming Naomi's new favorite pastime...
I think I need to invest in some more Vaseline.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

So I've been a little anti-blog lately,and my family has began protesting and "gently reminding" me.
Here is a video for Grandma's to hold you over till I post again.
excuse my annoying mom voice...


Friday, February 12, 2010

Are You Watching?

We love the Olympics around here.
I have my parents to thank for that.  It was the only time in  15years they ever bought a new T.V, because we needed a better one for the olympics!  I don't know who Devin has to thank for it, but I will tell you one thing.  No tears came out of Devin's eyes on our wedding day or even on the day our children were born, I don't think( i was kinda into myself and new baby those days). The only times I can recall seeing Devin shed an emmotional  happy tear:  a highschool basketball game when a kid dunked it...  I look over and Devin is blinking and trying to not wipe his eyes, oh and one other time at of all things an amazing Jump rope competition, (those kids were incredible), AND finally during an Olympic commercial!? Something about watching people push human limits. I love seeing others succeed.   So even if no tears,
Are You Watching?! 

Friday, February 5, 2010

What me and my rain boots did today...

{Actually what  Cache, Naomi and I did while all wearing boots today...}

It's a snow Nay!

We built our little friend after
 supper. Thus the reason it is
 short, because it was dark
 and we were freezing! 
 Naomi kept throwing all her
 snow stuff off, so we just
 stuck it on our li'l friend and
 then realized the spitting
 image we had created. 

Then inside for "warm" chocolate. 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

is your blog magic too?

I had a suprise on my front steps this morning...
(note previous post)

First thought: "Wow, my blog is magic!" Actually I thought: "NO way!"

Second thought: "I'm so embarassed someone bought me shoes that I posted. They probably felt bad for me.

Third thought: "oh well, I LOVE them!"

Fourth thought: "I can't believe this. Who would do this for me?"

I narrowed it down fast. Someone who knows my shoe size: my mom, sisters, or devin....(I've been told i'de make a good CIA agent.)

One phone call solved my mystery.

It was Devin.In the ballroom with the candle stick...jk.

And I ruined his valentine's surprise. (woops). My excuse: "I didn't even know we gave more than candy on Valentine's day!" He wanted me to put them away till Valentines day and pretend surprised... BUT I suggested a better idea might be that I just wear them every day UNTIL Valentine's day...

He agreed.

Cache took these pics. He even told me how to pose. He always asks if he can use my camera when I get it out. I tell him no, because it might break. But today I said: "Okay you want to take pictures of me in my boots?" It was really fun. I think he is pretty good for a 4 yr. old. Maybe picture taking will be one thing him and I have in common, since Devin and him have everything else in common.
I asked him: "Cache is my hair look good?"

Cache: "yah mom, it's really POKEY."

haha! It is true. Especially that left side. It's sticks out about a foot further than the right today.

Thank you Devin. I'm gonna make you an extra tastey supper.

Egg rolls?