Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall Wrap Up

1st grade going strong.
"Oh Hot punky Mama"

Dinner in punky done.

Since Cache started all day school, these two have become closer being at home all day.
Pre-school co-op.  Once a week, I teach every 4 weeks or so. It's great!
Naomi also does dance once a week. It's right near our house.  Our life is very nice and compact right now. Dance down the street, Dad's work (all 3 different jobs he does) all down another street. Church is almost visible from our house... our ward is in one square mile... our house is the size of a fairy house... small and simple. Now if only there was a beach down the next street...
Gage loves shoes did you know? He sleeps with them on. 
He also thinks his "Pachow" slippers are shoes. YOU try to convince him differently.
Honestly, I'm a softy. Whatever makes you happy little boy.
Morning scriptures.
National walk to school day...
Family dinners at Aunt Julie's. Chances are that we won't always live in the same town as 2 of Devin's siblings. So we feel this is a blessed time. (Noah's birthday)
Naomi is still just giving us a run for our money.
Tonight she told Devin: "Daddy please shut my door so I can see my friends and their red blinking  lights." Uuuuh.... Earlier she told me almost the same that she thought it might be a good idea for Cache to sleep in her room till it gets really dark and he can see all the red blinking friends of hers and he will just really like them!
She dressed her dolly in a knee pad, bucket and headband for a necklace and proclaims:
"You are just sooo cute! I love you."
Gage melts my heart on a daily basis.
I'm so in love with this chubby baby.
Fall running

Sooo... as I was running, the path went under this bridge... I suddenly got crazy urgent feeling to get the heck out of there and did. But continued on a different path... that wasn't dark.  That night on the news, a cougar attack was reported (on a dog) in the exact area I was running at the exact time of day. (dusk) Who knows... 

Devin went with me the rest of my training runs..
So did this happy guy.
And my awesome little boy.  I didn't know he could do that? I can't do that.
Some fall parties at friends... (Camdon's parents)
Pumpkin pancakes, which are apparently were plate licking good!

Yup that was a great fall.  
And that's another wrap!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Football season 2012

This fall Cache asked to play football.
It made it much more "Fallish" going to football games and practice every week.
Football is a different game, different people, different attitude than soccer. It
took me a little bit getting use to coaches yelling at my son or grabbing him by the shoulder to
get him into place during plays. I'm scared of the mama bear that I feel roaring inside of me sometimes. *Heaven help me and help the people that cross my children... I'm just might literally knock their blinkin block off.* No but really.  I have to pray a lot. Anyway, it was fine  and in their games... whoa! These 6 year olds were running reverses and pass plays and fake outs. (Those are just things the other parents and coaches yell, I really have no idea what they mean.)  But it was SUPER fun!  Cache was nick named "Speedy Cache" and was the only player wearing soccer cleats...
 He loves to run. He had great time and so did we!  He even scored several touch downs.

 On the sideline when I went to give Cache his drink:
These boys are just babies, sweet and innocent still at heart. 

 Cache got a taste for football so when Devin's side business ( got a
chance to be represented at half time of the potato bowl, Cache was thrilled! So was Devin.
  Mr. Ryan Baum. 
These 2 spent some awesome time in Brazil together and Ryan played running back for the Aggies when he got back. He comes every year to the potato bowl. 

We bribed Naomi to let us buy her a pair of sweat pants before the game. It took awhile and us agreeing to buy the matching Hello Kitty shirt, and a cookie at the game but she complied.  Although she still cried all the way to the game about not wearing a dress... and looking like a boy. It was just too cold for dresses honey.
 One of our goals was to attend the BYU vs. Boise state game this year.  We decided to meet it 80% and just watch it at Wingers. 
 And that's Football season all wrapped up with a bow.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving was so wonderful . It was everything that I dream Thanksgivings should always be. Lots of family. Lots of food. Chaos.  And it was Joey's farewell. So it was extra special.
The 2 adult tables.
The kids table. In the kitchen, where we can't see or hear them. Great plan. They didn't mind at all.

It always takes several Spratling men to cut the meat. One to cut it, 2-4 to discuss.

I love these random pictures. Aunt Shelli, so not ammused. Grandma telling a story in the background.
I know that face and I can hear her talking. :) Next she'll shake her head and laugh. 
Gage loves all his Grandpa's.
The boys all being super helpful.

Uncle Dennis never changes. Such a tease.
Chance, a friend from Pilot Rock, who is all our new favorite person.
Cache and Claire. These two are so alike its crazy.
Joey has a different Tahitian/hawaiin shirt for every day of the week. And packed them all for his mission too. This one was my Grandpa Childers old shirt. Funny Joe.
Sweetest baby Jonas. 
Santa's work shop. :) 
Savannah mauled and mugged on Cache. He didn't seem to notice. 
Lovers. Married for 8 years! 
This is what my family does. Sit all together in the living room. Talk about nothing for hours and watch youtube videos here and there of comedians or someone jumping off a building. Only leave if someone is crying or to get a cookie. :) I love it.
The little girls spent each day lost in an imaginary world together. So cute.
Baby, baby, chubby yummy baby.
Chocolate covered almonds.....oh me oh my.
Hamley's stake house for Ben and Cindy's anniversary.
so much fun....
No really it was. How can you not have fun when there is that much plaid in the room?
We all did a temple session with Joe. Neat to see him all grown up be in the temple with him.
Devin and I don't ever get to ride in the backseat together especially for over and hour.
We didn't know what to do with ourselves.
Neat day. Devin is always so inappropriate. :)
Family pictures in the back yard.
The men of the family...

Favorite memory: We all had strict orders to wear fall outfits and colors for the family picture.
right before I pushed the self timer button, Joey ripped off his fall coat to display his Hawaiian shirt. 
Ah miss that boy and his big giant bear hugs. He will be a very loving understanding missionary. 

Cache and Claire are my favorite in this one below.
Ah Devin kills me in every picture too.
No way. We actually got a good one. A Thanksgiving miracle. 

Warm memories.