Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boise Temple Rededication

  The temple was open to the General public before the dedication so, anyone and everyone in the world could go tour it.  So we took our little children! The evening was actually not reverent at all.  Gage was doing this thing with echos at the time. He loves echoes and instinctively knows when there will be a good one.  We walked into the Celestial room. (One of the most special rooms in the temple) We were so excited for our children to look up and see the beautiful painting and chandelier and talk to them about that room.   I looked at Gage in Devin's arms as we stepped into he room. Gage's eyes went straight to the high ceilings and then the BIGGEST smile spread across his face as he looked back at me. Devin and I locked eyes with a look that said, "Uh oh." Then Devin took off trying not to run out of the room as Gage started yelling: "BOP! BOP!" I could not stop laughing.  Naomi was also entranced with the sealing room where couples are married and the brides room.  We left the temple a little exhausted from wrangling 3 little kids and so desperately wanting them to feel the spirit while we were there and learn to love it like us.  HA.  We stamped the evening: "Good enough" and went to Red Robin for milkshakes. (Plus 30% of all Red robin proceeds that evening went to Cache's school.) 

The night before over 9 thousand youth gathered here in Boise to put on a "cultural celebration" of song and dance for the prophet.  Devin was there from 7am-midnight because he is in charge of the young men so he got to be there in person. We watched it via TV. It was incredible. No words. 
My favorite parts were when all 9000+ sang God bless America.
Also at the end the entire stadium waved yellow flags in the air because it was President Monson's favorite color.  And un-planned stood and sang. "We thank thee oh God for a prophet."
So grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. It is work. A lot sometimes. But it makes me happy to my core. 
Love him.

The Actual Dedication:
- Wayne was asked to give the closing prayer so he and Janie got to be in the Celestial room with President Monson and Elder Bednar.
- Last minute they gave him extra tickets for us to come in the temple too!
-President Monson is the only person that doesn't whisper in the temple. You can hear him coming all the way down the hall. Also he loves the children, and since you only had to be 8 years to attend the dedication there were lots of little kids. He would wiggle his ears at them.  It was a beautiful day in the temple with family.  One we will remember forever!

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