Monday, November 26, 2007

This post is dedicated to Nick and Sarah who will be married on December 29th (devin and I's anniversary) YAY! Today was such a good day for TWO reasons:

1. I finally finished Sarah's wedding invitations thus the display of it above. Very big stress relief and will pick them up from the printers in the morning!

2. Cache has officially been asleep in his room for 45 minutes..not abnormal for him.. but here is the kicker.. NO PACIFIER!!!!! Can you believe it? I absolutly cannot. This is his first time EVER sleeping without one and he did it! we have worked up to this day.. slowly trimming his pacifiers shorter ever 3 or 4 days until they had nothing for him to suck on.... I almost went and bought a new one however today during naptime... when he was yelling in his crib: "Amie PWEESE" binKAY..." I felt horrible knowing that his and My happiness were just two blocks and a few dollars away.. but i didn't cave ,,and yay he is sleeping!! no crying at all.. my heart can rest easy.. what a big obsticle I at least HOPE we have now surpassed..

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I could never name all my blessings but I'm gonna try anyway. Here is what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving:


2. That cache was born and help me realize what real joy is.

3. Devin(oh did i say that?)

4. A husband who can make me laugh anytime,, especially when things are seriously tense.

5. My jogging stoller! with out which I would be 20lbs heavier and even more cranky(running is my drug)

6. A warm home

7. food food and food

8. The Gospel (these are not in order okay.)

9. A car that runs very nicely

10. Target

11. my visiting teachers-they are the neatest ladies ever and take me on photoshoots in the city and make really good bread.

12. my orthodics and new running shoes.. stellar combination

13.The BOOK of Mormon..because i read it and think: "why were they so prideful and stupid?" and then i realize "oh I do that too. I must be prideful and stupid."

14. My cell phone -which keeps me connected to anyone and everyone i need to talk to and doesn't ever get telemarketers.

15. Music-just adds so much to life whether I'm cleaning the house running, driving or sitting in church...

16. My five siblings.. they are my best friends. They are so funny!

17. Cindy because she makes Ben even better to be around and I want to be just like her.

18. To be able to know all my grandparents and great granddparents.. and also get to know how amazing of people I come from maybe I can grow up to be like them some day

19. Devin's parents-they are so faithful and accomplish so much in a day. They inspire me

20. My parents-they are so kind and hard working. I always have a place and people to go home too... a sweet haven in this world.

21. Mascara-with out it,I would be or atleast look like a different person..I probably wouldn't be married..

22.Moose- also without which I would look like a different person and be hated in theaters for my large hair. I would be a freak show.

23.Showers-which I'm going to go take right now and finish this list later.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Cache was a cowboy for Halloween. Now Cache is a cowboy everyday. He had to wear "HORSER" (his version of horse,,sometimes it means horse and sometimes it means boots, this time it meant cowboy hat) to the grocery store. Wide brim hats are perfect when you are trying to get your child into his car seat. NOT. It keeps hitting you in the face trying to buckle your child in, and when he sits back against his seat his hat PlOPS forward onto his face, which makes Cache really mad. We must however, keep trying to make that hat fit with the carseat, because at two years old "wait till we get to the store" is basically chinese to the little fellow. WE finally got it to fit sideways and that seemed to satisfy him for a while until he realized mom "accidently" left his rifle at home...

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hello! I know I can't believe it either, I finally caved and started a blog...I was afraid of all the time I would spend on the computer if I had one, but I was spending so much time reading your guys's blogs everysingle day and loving them that I thought HECK,, why not? So here I am and I will figure out all this soon i'm sure.