Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boise Temple and a few more Nay stories.

 I came into the Kitchen to find Naomi gone, front door open.
Run outside. There on the driveway, Nay in her leotard and tights with Cache's big magnifying glass studying something.
After a few moments of changing angles and saying "Hmm. What is that?"
She gasped and proclaimed:
"It's a rubberband!"
Holding up a giant rubberband.

She loves the smell of marshmallows. 
Has me smell the bag at the store when we walk by.
Above: Naomi proclaims: "You are just soooo cute!" 
After she dressed her dolly in a bucket,
knee pad and rubberband.

 I thought Gage finally started eating his carrots at lunch! (I cheer at things like that.)
We ran out of carrots but I would still see Gage chompin on them at lunch. 
Where did he get carrots? Meh oh well. Moving on.
Then one day...
I was dusting and found carrots in my decorative tree.
And connected the two strange occurances. 
 I decided to leave them and see what happened.

Next story. Boise Temple Open house. So exciting!

We took our little family to the Boise Temple Open house.

It was  beautiful and so special to actual take our children in to see where Mom and Dad go when we go to the temple on dates!
The tour group was big but we had some choice memories.
Naomi's eye lighting up when seeing the brides room and when I pointed out the alter in the sealing room and told her that is where Mom's and Dad's get married.

She was enthralled and I got a bit choked up imagining her there one day dressed as a bride and me and her doing her hair in the beautiful bride room.

Next memory.  Gage had eaten and had a great nap so he was a TURKEY.  He was the biggest cheese ball, laughing and silly. We never-the-less tried to keep him reverent and respectful in the temple.  The tour entered  into the Celestial room, and I was telling Cache and Nay how this is one of the most special rooms in the temple.. In walks Devin with Gage in his arms.  Gage looks straight up, noticing the high ceilings and immediately gave a giant Gage smile. Both Devin and I gave each other an,
 "Ah Shoot," look.
Then Gage let loose.
"BOP!" Bop! BA Ba Ba!" Checking for echos.  He found them and I'll never forget his chubby laughing face. Devin and I couldn't keep our laughter under control, and Gage was hurried from the room. Out in the hall I could see Gage rear back with laughter.
Not normal temple appropriate behavior.  But I'm sure if Heavenly father has a sense of humor and loves these children of mine even more than I do.

Afterwards  we took them to Red Robin for milkshakes and they were bouncing off the the booth.
 I like to compare Devin and Nay in this picture below. People always say she looks like me, but in my eyes...she is her father's daughter. 
 Gage didn't even come up for air.
 Biggest turkey of the night, Gage hands down.
But he does it all with a twinkling smile. 
Fun night.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just a calm blustery fall day

Today was a sweet fall day.
It rained.  Poured actually. So I was smiling to myself all day.
I am calm and happy when it rains. I love it. LOVE it.
We drove Cache to school and took the long way home looking at all the beautiful leaves and neighborhoods. These are the kind of days I will miss someday when they are grown up.
We watched a Halloween cartoon, did laundry, baked bread.
Gage and Nay caught snails and rain water and laughed at worms.

A few Naomi encounters just to help me remember my day:

I was straightening up the house this afternoon. Naomi was helping here and there when I'd ask.
She says to me:
"Mama, I am dust gonna play starfall on the computer and when you need me I'll help in just that minute."
(She meant right away)
I was impressed with her thinking ahead like that so I couldn't say no.
A few minutes later...
Me:"Naomi can you put the gator and plasma car in the back yard?"
N: "Uuugh! When I am done with my game."
Me: "Oh but you said you would do it right away when I asked."
N: "OH! Dat's right. Okay!"  (much to my surprise) And jumps up right away.

Puts cars outside and screams happily: "Look what I found! Monies!" (It was a quarter.)

Me: "Oh! See you get hidden blessings when you are obedient."
N: (disgusted face) "WHAT are you talking about?"  Rolls  her eyes and goes back to her game.

Next Story:
Naomi goes to check the mail.
a minute later she comes back in bawling so hard she can hardly breath and tears. I thought the worst. (Someone tried to grab her.)

I held her until she could breath but she kept pointing outside.
Finally she chokes out.
"The Mail!  The wind blowed it all over the place and its lost!"

I was so relieved I had to hold back laughing.
"OH that's okay, Lets go get it!"

2 seconds later she was running barefoot all over the neighborhood catching mail with me.
It was SUPER windy.
She was laughing and skipping. She has a little body like her daddy and it's cute to see her run like him.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Gage in a Nutshell

Stats: 2 yrs
Weight: 30.0 -75%
Height: 34 1/4- 60%
Head: 50.5 -90%
Gage has a way of talking and looking at me like I am the one in trouble.

His favorite things to talk about:
1. "mom, mom MOM. MOOOM! MOOOM!
2. A-pane
3. Beegg Chuck!(truck)
4. Bondoon- spiderman
5. Boondeen- lightening McQueen
6. Choo choo.(Thomas)
7. Zoo-(Shoe)
8. Za(socks)
9. HOT. (hat)
10. Poo poo. (This is what he calls his diaper)
11. Batch- Bath.
12. MUNCH. -(lunch)
13: Money!
14. Bronco!
15. Mi mi- Naomi
16: Tash- Cache
17. Wah-eR -Water.
He has just this week since turning 2 began repeating everything you say.
I was hollering, half jokingly:  "Whoever wants a SPANK stay outside and don't listen to me!
Gage was running by at the same time and started yelling: "Spank! spank! spank!"
We all died laughing.
When I take him to Target, I get those giant carts you can fit 3 kids or more in.  He ends up standing on the seat so he can see where we are headed.  I usually hold onto the back of his pants.  He looks back at me and smiles, "Mommy NO NO poo poo pants."  Meaning, don't touch my pants or my diaper Mom. And then he swats at my hand.
  When I stop to look at a shelf he will turn and yell. "MOM! MAAAAAAAm!" Then say, "Watch." And he'll swing from the bar and yell: "Weee!"
Since he is short, at the end of the swing he just hangs there with his big round belly showing. Then his eyes get really big and he says: "Hep." (Help.)
He kills me.
When Gage says words that end with consonants, he repeats the end three times.
It's like backwards stuttering.
We wonder if it comes from Nay and Cache always sounding out words.
Speaking of clothes, I like getting this guy dressed. He very carefully watches as I pick out his clothes. He has this Nike shirt that he HATES. He has never even put it on, but will scream and cry if it gets near his head.  (We think this is hilarious.)  It is also so weird.  When he approves, he gets into position laying in front of me, jibbering on and on and laughing at whatever he said,  "Broncos" or "beeg chucks." (big trucks)
He will not get up till he makes sure you put socks AND shoes on.  Then he puts his arms up so you can pull him to standing. When he's up, he always puts one hand in his pocket,  gives me a smirk and walks out of the room, hand in pocket still. :)  
Gage has a few nicknames:
Louie- :) He was our St. Louis baby and almost named Louie,,, it just sticks. It is also WAY easier to say Cache and Louie when calling their names than Cache and Gage.  Kinda a tounge twister sometimes.
Gus- Only by Uncle Ben
Lou- short for Louie
Echo- got this from his funny habit of checking for echos.  Any public bathroom, hallway or large room, he seems to instinctively KNOW that it will echo and as soon as we walk into an area Gage yells:
Then listens and smiles and keeps on yelling. It's weird but he has done before he could speak a word.

And that's our funny two year old.  All wrapped in in a nutshell.

Joey's Mission call!

Joey got his mission call today...
We all had guesses: Mine were Montana and New Zealand or of course the islands to teach Family!
Cache said Japan because he wants to serve there someday and loves Ninjas.
BUT Santiago Chile EAST is where he will be serving for 2 years beginning December 3rd!
 I have been emotional all morning because we knew it was coming in the mail today, crying when reading stories out of the friend magazine to the kids. 
Family scripture study reading about the Laminates hearts being softened,  bawling Amie.  A happy cry. Still silly. 
I am just so excited to see him and his big smiling face as a missionary, loving and serving people and growing close to the Savior than ever before.  Carrying in the footsteps of all the missionaries, before him. His Grandpa Joe Childers who is serving a mission in the spirit world and His Grandma Childers who is leaving THIS month (at age 81) to serve a mission in Tahiti. And of course lots of other missionaries, but my grandparents exude missionary work and the love of the Savior for all those around them.  They truly love people with the pure love of Christ, unconditionally. 
And it transforms lives.
It has mine.
Maybe it was just coming off of an extra spiritual and uplifting General Conference Weekend. My heart was full to BURSTING after many of those talks.
Also being with my wonderful Smith cousins and fully seeing the JOYS and blessings of an eternal family in full display at my Uncle Steve's surprise party, and recently receiving a new Church calling that is WAY beyond my capacity and having to completely put faith in the Lord that if he thinks I can, then I can, one nervous shaky step at a time.  I have been truly been amazed at the change inside myself. I am doing it,  and IT IS NOT ME. It has been an incredible experience for me that the Lord does not choose those who are qualified but qualifies those he asks to do a job. If they soften their hearts and are willing and move their feet, he does the rest.  For real.  So although my testimony of the gospel could be described often as a roller coaster, lows and highs, sures and unsures,
  I am on a high right now going into this mission call today, and KNOWING that what Joey will be doing is bringing to this incredible blessing of love and joy to others... Yes I was so very emotional.
 Joey has the biggest  softest heart and I just know he will love those people he gets to serve and because of it, they will love him back.
Oh the Gospel is all about love.
And it is wonderful.

My parents had every iphone and ipad and computer at work for us all to "Be there" via face time.
It was crazy.  The best kinda big family crazy. And it was totally awesome.
Ashley was screaming with excitement from Utah.
I was yellling from Boise at Joey because he opened it and started reading it TO HIMSELF!
Ben was laughing his head off from Arizona.
Ashley crying from happiness. Haha! And wishing she was home.
Also my Grandpa is yelling across the room at Ashley asking if her BF is a good kisser.
She said YES. haha.
She recovered.

Proud papa
 Joe getting ready to open it.
My sis Sarah the hostess of craziness. 
The happy future Missionary.
 AAh man it was fun.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gage's table manners.

I am posting this for Savannah and Claire because I think these two girls will get the biggest kick out of it!

Came into the house from a run and Gage was smiling so big at me I decided to video.
This is what occurred after that.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Naomi's first day Of Pre-school

Today was Nay's first day of Pre-school!
She asked her Daddy to help her pick out her outfit the night before.
She was SO excited.  
Isn't she cute?
She is really into this posing stage. 

* On the way there I turned down the wrong street and said outloud: "I AM SO SO dumb!"
Naomi: "Why are we dumb?"
Me: "I just turned down the wrong street again and now we will be late."
Naomi(quiet for a few moments): "Man we really are  dumb." 
It made me laugh none the less.

Here are the outakes of our photoshoot:
Gage kept photobombing. He loves the camera.

When you turn thurtee you must swing from a tree.

I'm a really good speller and rhymer huh?
I had a good birthday.
Devin indulged me in lots of a lot of wild and crazy things so that I could successfully leave behind my 20's. Some of which were loading up on as many Swedish fish and chocolate covered gummy bears as we could and eating them all evening long. Before dinner. Gasp! Crazy I know. But wait, we ALSO ate them for breakfast! Livin on the EDGE. Yah that's us.
 Late night swimming in places we weren't suppose to swim. ;) Leave it at that.
And zip lining!
 Getting briefed on all safety procedures.

 Hanging out in a tree. 

Devin was in charge of pics that day and I found a few like this one....
Idaho panda he says.
Devin making fun of me because I don't know I have my helmet on backwards.
There were 7 zip lines.  The last one we had to hike too. It was a double one so we got to race! 
On one of the guides said Devin  got up to around 47 miles per hour...
I am kinda mad at myself because I closed my eyes.  I thought I was going to hit a tree.
Put every candle we owned in the cake to try and make 30. It got a little dangerous.
Nay took pictures of me. :)

She told me happy Birthday for 5 days in a row each and every morning. 
Walked sleepily into my room with her blankie. "Happy Birthday Mommy."
I just said thank you.  She is so cute.

Cache left this note in the shower for me.
I will keep it forever. It made me cry. I don't even know why.
Love him. Love him growing up and writing me notes!

As for being thirty. I thought I would have a lot to say about it.
But I don't. I am happy to have arrived. 
I am happier and more comfortable in my own skin now than ever. 
I hope at 40 I will be even more.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gage turns 2

 Birthdays get pretty exciting roun' here!
We are all on sugar hang overs...

Devin and I made him his very own 
Lightening McQueen:"Boondeen."
Spiderman = "Bondoon" (Just incase anyone is confused like I was.)

I could hardly go to sleep  after we finished it. 
I was sooo excited to give it to him in the morning!

It was a hit.

Gage is so cute opening gifts.  
He liked his tractors and trucks and spiderman he recieved, but he LOVED his
new shoes and clothes and hat most! Funny boy.  When he would open toys he would smile and when he opened clothes he would YELL: "WOW! And jabber on and on about the clothing item. :)  

BYU vs. BSU game and birthday dinner at Wingers doubled as birthday dinner.
Daddy and his "wingers."
We took Gage too the zoo for the very first time ever for his birthday.
The whole time he yelled: "Monkies!"  Even if they were bunnies.

Taking my kids in public is very similar to herding chickens.
They have lots of energy.
Love these 3 sets of little buns!
I dressed zoo appropriate on accident.

I asked them all their favorite animal. 
They all said : "The Goats"
Devin liked the sloth.  He has always loved sloths.
He is one of a kind.
We came home and had a little party in the back yard to finish off our celebration of Gage.

He needed his jacket.

I was determined to pick only 2 -3 pics to put on this post about his birthday.
I just can't.  I love each of them.  I don't want to ever forget each different expression.
Let me tell you about Gage as you scroll through these bazillion pics.
Gage is very sweet natured. Very.  He is always happy and smiling.
He smiles and smiles for miles and miles. 
He loves his Tash. (Cache)
They share a room and he sleeps best when Cache is around.
Cache adores him back.
They think one another is so funny.
Gage plays with Cars and trucks all day long. Lining them up.
Nay and him are beginning to get a long and play while Cache is at school. 
Gage has always loved "ha hee's" like his sis, so they play horsies  a lot.
His nursery teachers love him.  They say he is the most easy going kid they've ever met.
He loves his snacks.
He likes things in order. Cup goes on a certain place on his tray, toys go is particular places, routine is not changed without Gage noticing and prompting us to do it normal.  
When Gage is done eating he always always throws his plate. 
Gage loves all new people he meets. Especially men. 
He will sit on their lap very content and give them 
this look:
His big bro Cache will go down in history as the easiest baby that ever lived, 
but Gage is very easy too IF(and only if) you keep him on schedule.
Naps and food and binkie and blankie at the right time, and he is cake.
But he can be pretty demanding, and  yells my name a LOT.  And if I ignore him long enough, he drags me around by the pinky till I do what he needs.  How can you say no to this little face?  
Plus he is such a little hugger and kisser.  And says with gusto: "Dink doo Mommy!"
I am head over heals in love with everything about this birthday boy from his chubby fingers and face, belly and silly and super sweet personality.  He gets kissed A LOT.  
Happy Birthday Gage.