Monday, October 8, 2012

When you turn thurtee you must swing from a tree.

I'm a really good speller and rhymer huh?
I had a good birthday.
Devin indulged me in lots of a lot of wild and crazy things so that I could successfully leave behind my 20's. Some of which were loading up on as many Swedish fish and chocolate covered gummy bears as we could and eating them all evening long. Before dinner. Gasp! Crazy I know. But wait, we ALSO ate them for breakfast! Livin on the EDGE. Yah that's us.
 Late night swimming in places we weren't suppose to swim. ;) Leave it at that.
And zip lining!
 Getting briefed on all safety procedures.

 Hanging out in a tree. 

Devin was in charge of pics that day and I found a few like this one....
Idaho panda he says.
Devin making fun of me because I don't know I have my helmet on backwards.
There were 7 zip lines.  The last one we had to hike too. It was a double one so we got to race! 
On one of the guides said Devin  got up to around 47 miles per hour...
I am kinda mad at myself because I closed my eyes.  I thought I was going to hit a tree.
Put every candle we owned in the cake to try and make 30. It got a little dangerous.
Nay took pictures of me. :)

She told me happy Birthday for 5 days in a row each and every morning. 
Walked sleepily into my room with her blankie. "Happy Birthday Mommy."
I just said thank you.  She is so cute.

Cache left this note in the shower for me.
I will keep it forever. It made me cry. I don't even know why.
Love him. Love him growing up and writing me notes!

As for being thirty. I thought I would have a lot to say about it.
But I don't. I am happy to have arrived. 
I am happier and more comfortable in my own skin now than ever. 
I hope at 40 I will be even more.

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