Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Gage turns 2

 Birthdays get pretty exciting roun' here!
We are all on sugar hang overs...

Devin and I made him his very own 
Lightening McQueen:"Boondeen."
Spiderman = "Bondoon" (Just incase anyone is confused like I was.)

I could hardly go to sleep  after we finished it. 
I was sooo excited to give it to him in the morning!

It was a hit.

Gage is so cute opening gifts.  
He liked his tractors and trucks and spiderman he recieved, but he LOVED his
new shoes and clothes and hat most! Funny boy.  When he would open toys he would smile and when he opened clothes he would YELL: "WOW! And jabber on and on about the clothing item. :)  

BYU vs. BSU game and birthday dinner at Wingers doubled as birthday dinner.
Daddy and his "wingers."
We took Gage too the zoo for the very first time ever for his birthday.
The whole time he yelled: "Monkies!"  Even if they were bunnies.

Taking my kids in public is very similar to herding chickens.
They have lots of energy.
Love these 3 sets of little buns!
I dressed zoo appropriate on accident.

I asked them all their favorite animal. 
They all said : "The Goats"
Devin liked the sloth.  He has always loved sloths.
He is one of a kind.
We came home and had a little party in the back yard to finish off our celebration of Gage.

He needed his jacket.

I was determined to pick only 2 -3 pics to put on this post about his birthday.
I just can't.  I love each of them.  I don't want to ever forget each different expression.
Let me tell you about Gage as you scroll through these bazillion pics.
Gage is very sweet natured. Very.  He is always happy and smiling.
He smiles and smiles for miles and miles. 
He loves his Tash. (Cache)
They share a room and he sleeps best when Cache is around.
Cache adores him back.
They think one another is so funny.
Gage plays with Cars and trucks all day long. Lining them up.
Nay and him are beginning to get a long and play while Cache is at school. 
Gage has always loved "ha hee's" like his sis, so they play horsies  a lot.
His nursery teachers love him.  They say he is the most easy going kid they've ever met.
He loves his snacks.
He likes things in order. Cup goes on a certain place on his tray, toys go is particular places, routine is not changed without Gage noticing and prompting us to do it normal.  
When Gage is done eating he always always throws his plate. 
Gage loves all new people he meets. Especially men. 
He will sit on their lap very content and give them 
this look:
His big bro Cache will go down in history as the easiest baby that ever lived, 
but Gage is very easy too IF(and only if) you keep him on schedule.
Naps and food and binkie and blankie at the right time, and he is cake.
But he can be pretty demanding, and  yells my name a LOT.  And if I ignore him long enough, he drags me around by the pinky till I do what he needs.  How can you say no to this little face?  
Plus he is such a little hugger and kisser.  And says with gusto: "Dink doo Mommy!"
I am head over heals in love with everything about this birthday boy from his chubby fingers and face, belly and silly and super sweet personality.  He gets kissed A LOT.  
Happy Birthday Gage.


Cindy Spratling said...

Oh what a sweet sweet boy! I have only been around him once!!!!! yep, once!!!!!!! Walawa Lake. That's it! His sweetness beams out of his smile :) What a chubby little sweety pie. Ok, and sorry this is really immature of me, but in the pic of your kids holding hands... Cache is holding a little something else too. Harhar. I am learning the ways of boys as quickly as i can. so different from girls.

Kara Lyn said...

Gage is so adorable. He looks a lot like Ben. Of course this is coming from someone who has never met Gage. Happy birthday celebrations all around!!

Phoenix said...

Lou I haven't gotten on here in months... you still do it... capture life and these little children's personalities PERFECTLY! Seriously I am amazed each time I get on and read the way you spell out how they say it all and what they do. So cute, your kids are so cute. I don't even see them, but I know it by what you describe and how you paint the picture of each little moment. You are so great, I hope you are doing well. Hopefully we can see you at Christmas when we are up. love, Krista

Meg said...

He is so cute. What a sweet little boy. Awesome job on the cake. So perfect for a boy.

Michelle K. said...

Oh my gosh Amie! You have absolutely the most adorable kids! I laugh out loud at your sweet descriptions of them. And your pictures really tell such a great story. I wish I could capture my kids as well as you do yours. Gage is just the cutest thing.