Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boise Temple and a few more Nay stories.

 I came into the Kitchen to find Naomi gone, front door open.
Run outside. There on the driveway, Nay in her leotard and tights with Cache's big magnifying glass studying something.
After a few moments of changing angles and saying "Hmm. What is that?"
She gasped and proclaimed:
"It's a rubberband!"
Holding up a giant rubberband.

She loves the smell of marshmallows. 
Has me smell the bag at the store when we walk by.
Above: Naomi proclaims: "You are just soooo cute!" 
After she dressed her dolly in a bucket,
knee pad and rubberband.

 I thought Gage finally started eating his carrots at lunch! (I cheer at things like that.)
We ran out of carrots but I would still see Gage chompin on them at lunch. 
Where did he get carrots? Meh oh well. Moving on.
Then one day...
I was dusting and found carrots in my decorative tree.
And connected the two strange occurances. 
 I decided to leave them and see what happened.

Next story. Boise Temple Open house. So exciting!

We took our little family to the Boise Temple Open house.

It was  beautiful and so special to actual take our children in to see where Mom and Dad go when we go to the temple on dates!
The tour group was big but we had some choice memories.
Naomi's eye lighting up when seeing the brides room and when I pointed out the alter in the sealing room and told her that is where Mom's and Dad's get married.

She was enthralled and I got a bit choked up imagining her there one day dressed as a bride and me and her doing her hair in the beautiful bride room.

Next memory.  Gage had eaten and had a great nap so he was a TURKEY.  He was the biggest cheese ball, laughing and silly. We never-the-less tried to keep him reverent and respectful in the temple.  The tour entered  into the Celestial room, and I was telling Cache and Nay how this is one of the most special rooms in the temple.. In walks Devin with Gage in his arms.  Gage looks straight up, noticing the high ceilings and immediately gave a giant Gage smile. Both Devin and I gave each other an,
 "Ah Shoot," look.
Then Gage let loose.
"BOP!" Bop! BA Ba Ba!" Checking for echos.  He found them and I'll never forget his chubby laughing face. Devin and I couldn't keep our laughter under control, and Gage was hurried from the room. Out in the hall I could see Gage rear back with laughter.
Not normal temple appropriate behavior.  But I'm sure if Heavenly father has a sense of humor and loves these children of mine even more than I do.

Afterwards  we took them to Red Robin for milkshakes and they were bouncing off the the booth.
 I like to compare Devin and Nay in this picture below. People always say she looks like me, but in my eyes...she is her father's daughter. 
 Gage didn't even come up for air.
 Biggest turkey of the night, Gage hands down.
But he does it all with a twinkling smile. 
Fun night.