Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just a calm blustery fall day

Today was a sweet fall day.
It rained.  Poured actually. So I was smiling to myself all day.
I am calm and happy when it rains. I love it. LOVE it.
We drove Cache to school and took the long way home looking at all the beautiful leaves and neighborhoods. These are the kind of days I will miss someday when they are grown up.
We watched a Halloween cartoon, did laundry, baked bread.
Gage and Nay caught snails and rain water and laughed at worms.

A few Naomi encounters just to help me remember my day:

I was straightening up the house this afternoon. Naomi was helping here and there when I'd ask.
She says to me:
"Mama, I am dust gonna play starfall on the computer and when you need me I'll help in just that minute."
(She meant right away)
I was impressed with her thinking ahead like that so I couldn't say no.
A few minutes later...
Me:"Naomi can you put the gator and plasma car in the back yard?"
N: "Uuugh! When I am done with my game."
Me: "Oh but you said you would do it right away when I asked."
N: "OH! Dat's right. Okay!"  (much to my surprise) And jumps up right away.

Puts cars outside and screams happily: "Look what I found! Monies!" (It was a quarter.)

Me: "Oh! See you get hidden blessings when you are obedient."
N: (disgusted face) "WHAT are you talking about?"  Rolls  her eyes and goes back to her game.

Next Story:
Naomi goes to check the mail.
a minute later she comes back in bawling so hard she can hardly breath and tears. I thought the worst. (Someone tried to grab her.)

I held her until she could breath but she kept pointing outside.
Finally she chokes out.
"The Mail!  The wind blowed it all over the place and its lost!"

I was so relieved I had to hold back laughing.
"OH that's okay, Lets go get it!"

2 seconds later she was running barefoot all over the neighborhood catching mail with me.
It was SUPER windy.
She was laughing and skipping. She has a little body like her daddy and it's cute to see her run like him.


Meg said...

You are amazing and I'm DYING wanting to know what your new calling is!!! My bet - YW president. I have no doubt in your qualifications.

Amie Orton said...

Meg I am a counselor in the Relief society.
Not a big deal for most, but it is the one over the weekly enrichments,,, meaning crafts and I don't do crafts, they give me panick attacks. Ha. So this is like not even within my hemisphere of capability,,, oh well. I guess I will learn. You are nice to think I could handle YW president, let me assure you I would drop the ball on that calling for sure. Even nursery leader is overwhelming to me. So is leading the music. If I could make the perfect calling for me it would Relief society activity refreshment taster. I would do really good at that and the only calling that wouldn't scare the pants off me!

Meg said...

You are going to do awesome!!!! I had that calling when we lived in Michigan. Luckily you don't have to be the crafty one- you just have to delegate it. You will love it. Relief Society is such an amazing institution and I have such a testimony of it. I know you will do a fabulous job.

Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Those are the best kin of days!