Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love these kids

I wasn't going to write anything this post. BUT something happened today.
Grocery store checkout line.
Nice lady with gray hair,  a tiny bit scraggly and unkept, just a tiny bit.
Naomi: "MOM, is dat a WITCH?"
Me: What? Look! Where is the bread? Naomi look at Cache, do you like ponies?(desperate to distract her.)
Nay: MOM!!! is DAT a witch? (over and over and pointing)
Me:*panic* (IN a Loud voice so the checker could hear) OH, a sandWHICH? Yes YOU want a sandwhich. Yup we are going to make a sandwhich with that bread you're pointing at.
Nay: (scowling)-"Dats not what I talkin bout."
Me: shhhsh. Be quiet.
My heart. 
Split into 3 pieces.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Look at my cute seester Ashley. (in the blue shirt)
I miss her tons.
She is a missionary right now in Calorado.
Having the time of her life.
She gets to call home only 2 times/ year.(Christmas and Mother's day.)
So I got to talk to her!
 She is the sweetest thing on the planet.
So all you out there when you see them BE NICE TO MISSIONARIES!
They are good and fun to talk too.
 And they miss their momma's.
So stop them and invite them in of you see them A-walkin.
At least for a drink of water.
And a cookie.. just incase it's my sis. (She loves cookies.)
Miss you Ash.

The Actual recital

So I had a mother's first.
My daughter's first dance recital.
Fitting it came the same weekend Devin took Cache on a father/son's camp out.
Devin and Cache had a great time(they went with uncle Matt and cousin Kyle so of course)
Naomi and I well...

She made this face  a lot this weekend.
But this was a fun moment.
I let her put on some of my makeup.
I was strangely very sentimental about it.
lip gloss and blush. 
You couldn't even tell.
I was a backstage mom.
Lots of little girls and costume changes.
At one point nearly all of them were crying/yelling, hitting their head on the floor etc.
It was stress full.
And that's how the dress rehearsal AND pictures went.

After that experience, I kept saying: "Dancing will not be part of the Orton family repertoire..."
That evening, magic must have been in the air, because it went perfect. 
Not even a tear!
It was calm.
And they ALL danced and smiled and the audience laughed and laughed.
(Naomi is the pink hankie on the middle left and Cache is right behind her)

Twinkle Twinkle little star dance.
These were the two babies of the group.
1 years old.
I couldn't stand it.
Aren't they so cute?
Bri in the cowboy hat.
 Dance teacher, neighbor and friend.
 Talented and fun gal you are Bri.
The night really was just so fun.
I loved it.
Cache and Sawyer even did their one dance.
Great sports.
They were bribed  rewarded with being allowed to eat as many cookies after wards as they wanted.
 They had a good time together as always.
Such a fun evening!

Devin: "Show me your kick Nay!"

Yee Haw!
Good Job Bri!
It turned out so so good.

Mother's day/ 6o years with wonderful lady

Mother's day was extra special this year.
Devin's mother Janie turned.... 60!
So it was a birthday/mother's day weekend party all in one.
We had a girls only slumber party for her with Devin's 3 sisters and then us "married in" gals. 
(sister in laws)

I was so sad when I found out my battery to my camera was dead.
So this is the only picture I have of our party.
We did all things girly.
Potluck salad and bread stick dinner. 
We girls really love salads. 
And then we had strawberry Angel food cake. (Janie's favorite)

We spent the rest of the evening playing a few games.
I found out that Janie can lie really well!
 NOT something Devin inherited from his mother.  Ha! 
(It was a game where you had to lie. 
 She is not a liar.. I don't think. Well, now I don't know!)
 Actually Devin's parents may be THE most honest people I know. 
We stayed up till 1am making hair clips and such and talking and looking at picture's of Janie growing up. She told us about each of her horses and I loved it.  Devin's mom still raises horses.
 Just mini ones now for the grand kids safety.
We slumbered.
In the morning we went on a pretty walk, breakfast, just visited and then went out to late lunch.
(salads of course)
It was a perfect girls time.
I'm so thankful for such a neat mother in law.
We decided at lunch before everyone flew/drove out, that we will be doing it again next year.
I can't wait!

Mother's day:

Breakfast in Bed.
Chocolate covered strawberries and breakfast burritos.
Cache and Naomi brought in their little plates of food and ate with me.
Our sheets were covered in crumbs and chocolate.

Favorite part of they day: Gage grabbing Cache's burrito right off his plate.
He was  drooling and had huge eyes as he was bringing the burrito to his face.
oh man.

 Devin toasted me at dinner.

Here is Naomi (oh we are standing up?)

Devin toasting me a second time.

Devin  asked everyone to say something nice about me at every meal, snack, car ride anything we did that day. After which Cache would say each and every time:
 "I love you Mom." (Which was perfect)
And Naomi would say: "NO." Or one time she said : "I like to fly."

My Mother's day supper:  Key lime chicken Salad and "Ooey gooey crockpot cake."
(That's really what's it's called)
 and yes it's made in a crock pot
and yes it gooey.

Devin's dad gave us all(all his daughter's and daughter in laws) mother's day cards and gifts.
This was mine:
He picked them out himself.
I love it.
It makes me smile.
Great mother's day!
Bottom's up!
 and up!

 Devin made so much food that day.
All food he knows I love.
He makes me feels so loved!
I. am. lucky.
And I know it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh,,, she is SO excited for her first dance recital tomorrow night.
Can't you tell?
You are all invited.

 Someone else might be dancing  tumbling to music too.
Don't make any reference to it being a dance around him.
Or else.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am from Oregon

In all our moves I hesitate in when I'm asked "Where are you from?"
I presently reside in Idaho.
I spent many a year in Utah.
We left a piece of our hearts in St. Louis. 
Or maybe we took a piece of St. Louis when we left..
Either way we feel to claim some piece of ownership there. 
Even tempted to say "Our" St. Louis.
I haven't lived in Oregon for 11 or more years
BUT when we fly/drive into Oregon, 
Devin and I always give each other the same knowing look.
We are home.
 Naomi and Cache were dropped off at Gram and Gramp Orton's home.
It sure was a lot quiter after that.
 It was fun for Devin and I to give Gage some individual attention and since Gage sleeps much,
Just talk and enjoy our lunch at Multnomah falls.
I love getting the kids on individual basis especially in new places.
 Even as babies, you can get to know their little spirit better.

Did I say I love Oregon?
i love oregon.

This is me telling Devin how to make me look pretty in the picture.
"No not like that."
"Like this."

Devin said: "I'm trying to Amie but sometimes that's a really hard thing to do."
Gimmeee that camera.

I'm sure you've noticed Gage's cheeks.
We think he's allergic to our tap water of all things. Even filtered.
So I've started drinking bottled water and only feeding him bottled water.
And they are a lot better.

Gage may be the smiliest baby ever.
He is so happy.
He likes anyone that will hold him and talk to him.
But don't set him down and walk away or you'll hear about it for at least 20 minutes after.
Easily offended.
Wants to be held constantly.
But if that's all it takes to make the child happy... I'll take it.

We finally made it to my Nick and Sarah's house.
Danny. oH Danny. He loved his cousin.
Which is good considering they are basically betrothed to be best friends.
Isn't that the case with sister's children? 
They have to be so they can entertain each other while their mom's do sister things.
Like watch the Royal wedding live at 3 am.
Wasn't it lovely?
Danny showed his love by cuddling with Gage from the moment we walked in.
So cute.
He could have cared less that his Aunt Amie was there.
But  he sat on Devin's head.
You can call it Danny's stamp of approval.
If he likes you he tries to sit on you.
And if he REALLY likes you.
He'll aim for you head.
Never thought I would be jealous of someone else getting their head sat on.
We all have our own language of love I guess.
We attempted to take Danny's and Gage's first picture as a couple.

NOT and easy task.
at all.
But I had fun watching Sarah try.

and try.

We finally settled for this one...
Devin took a test to have his licence in Oregon. (Reason for the trip)
Sarah and I had some shopping plans...but
  after just one short car ride with both baby boys crying all the way home,
We canceled all plans that week that required driving for the rest of the week.
Thank you so much Nick and Sarah for letting us visit!

Grandma kept Cache and Naomi busy working in the yard, and garden, spreading bark, brushing horses and donkies, chasing kitties and dogs, swinging and trampoline, and playhouse, going to a concert and eating lots of yummy meals.

When we came in to pick them up Cache gave us a look like "Oh NO, not yet!"
They love it there so much and Grandma and Grandpa take such good care of them.
We love Oregon and the people in it.