Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am from Oregon

In all our moves I hesitate in when I'm asked "Where are you from?"
I presently reside in Idaho.
I spent many a year in Utah.
We left a piece of our hearts in St. Louis. 
Or maybe we took a piece of St. Louis when we left..
Either way we feel to claim some piece of ownership there. 
Even tempted to say "Our" St. Louis.
I haven't lived in Oregon for 11 or more years
BUT when we fly/drive into Oregon, 
Devin and I always give each other the same knowing look.
We are home.
 Naomi and Cache were dropped off at Gram and Gramp Orton's home.
It sure was a lot quiter after that.
 It was fun for Devin and I to give Gage some individual attention and since Gage sleeps much,
Just talk and enjoy our lunch at Multnomah falls.
I love getting the kids on individual basis especially in new places.
 Even as babies, you can get to know their little spirit better.

Did I say I love Oregon?
i love oregon.

This is me telling Devin how to make me look pretty in the picture.
"No not like that."
"Like this."

Devin said: "I'm trying to Amie but sometimes that's a really hard thing to do."
Gimmeee that camera.

I'm sure you've noticed Gage's cheeks.
We think he's allergic to our tap water of all things. Even filtered.
So I've started drinking bottled water and only feeding him bottled water.
And they are a lot better.

Gage may be the smiliest baby ever.
He is so happy.
He likes anyone that will hold him and talk to him.
But don't set him down and walk away or you'll hear about it for at least 20 minutes after.
Easily offended.
Wants to be held constantly.
But if that's all it takes to make the child happy... I'll take it.

We finally made it to my Nick and Sarah's house.
Danny. oH Danny. He loved his cousin.
Which is good considering they are basically betrothed to be best friends.
Isn't that the case with sister's children? 
They have to be so they can entertain each other while their mom's do sister things.
Like watch the Royal wedding live at 3 am.
Wasn't it lovely?
Danny showed his love by cuddling with Gage from the moment we walked in.
So cute.
He could have cared less that his Aunt Amie was there.
But  he sat on Devin's head.
You can call it Danny's stamp of approval.
If he likes you he tries to sit on you.
And if he REALLY likes you.
He'll aim for you head.
Never thought I would be jealous of someone else getting their head sat on.
We all have our own language of love I guess.
We attempted to take Danny's and Gage's first picture as a couple.

NOT and easy task.
at all.
But I had fun watching Sarah try.

and try.

We finally settled for this one...
Devin took a test to have his licence in Oregon. (Reason for the trip)
Sarah and I had some shopping plans...but
  after just one short car ride with both baby boys crying all the way home,
We canceled all plans that week that required driving for the rest of the week.
Thank you so much Nick and Sarah for letting us visit!

Grandma kept Cache and Naomi busy working in the yard, and garden, spreading bark, brushing horses and donkies, chasing kitties and dogs, swinging and trampoline, and playhouse, going to a concert and eating lots of yummy meals.

When we came in to pick them up Cache gave us a look like "Oh NO, not yet!"
They love it there so much and Grandma and Grandpa take such good care of them.
We love Oregon and the people in it.


Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Soooooooo cute! That was so fun to have you stay with us, but it went way too fast. Yes the Royal wedding was lovely. Watching it live at 3 in the morning is one of those memories I will never forget. Thanks for coming. Come see us when we are in Hawaii!

Unknown said...

I feel the same way about Oregon and I only lived there for 6 years. Whenever I'm there, I just feel at home....Gage's cheeks-The same thing happened to my son's rear end cheeks when we moved to Houston. The doctor said that it was the chlorine in the water, so even taking a bath was affecting him. Filtered water (for drinking),less soap, some cortizone cream, and time helped it to heal and eventually he grew out of it. Now it only happens in the winter when his skin is dry and extremely sensitive. Hope it clears up!

Lindsay said...

Those pictures are so cute! And it is so precious that Danny loves Gage so much.

Mardee Rae said...

I looooove Oregon. I love Multnomah falls. I can't wait to see Oregon this summer, and to see you too!!! And I loved the Royal Wedding!

KevandChels said...

looks lovely. great place to be from. i've never been there but hope to check it out one day. are you guys trying to get back there? and you are always gorgeous in your photos!!! seriously!