Sunday, May 8, 2011


This post is about Easter. 
But first I want to tell you about why I love pictures.
Here is this picture.

It  alone has changed my entire week.
Isn't she so sweet?
 When I took this picture  I was very frustrated that I couldn't get a picture of Naomi in the leaves.
She just wanted to play with the ugly bike rack.
Now if I could just reach into that picture, pick up that li'l munch and kiss her face and loove the moment
  I would.
Pictures  help me see how beautiful life really was then and so it is now.
And I will be a better mom this week because of them.
I am not partaking of all the happiness that is available to me.
 I will now.
OH HEY, that was a bit sappy. 
On to ...

{EASTER 2011}
I waited too long and forgot all the funny details.
But here is what I remember.
We planned on watching the sunrise.
symbolic of Christ rising on Easter morning.
didn't happen.

Cache woke up possibly hours before us.
He was buzzed on candy by the time we awoke.
Can you blame him though? 
The kiddies hunted for Candy (that was left) and dyed eggs.
There was a li'l yellow peep on the hearth.
Devin lifted Nay up to get it.
We didn't realize she thought it was a REAL "bebe chick."
She went to bravely touch it and jumped back, afraid it was going to peck her.
Despite my efforts to not turn Easter into Christmas.
I still got these kids some floating devices.
We have already made great use of at the Y. 
Also handy when needing to dress up for a chess game...
I mean "CHEST." As Cache calls his favorite game.

I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Gage's first Easter.
He was pretty sick.
We had a great Easter supper though.
Just our little family.
Scalloped potatoes.
Maple glazed carrots
and sweet salad.
We went to church.
Naomi picked out her own Easter ensemble, from her closet.

Saw Julie and family at church.
We went on a  spring walk with them afterwards.
On the drive home Naomi said: "Krissa love me.  Krissa is my bes friend."
Cousins are the best.
It was lovely.
yes a Lovely Easter.

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Zana said...

Funny thing...the month you had Gage I was imapatiently waiting for you to post & get right back to your usual updates & I remember thinking what is taking her so long, well duh! how quickly I forgot how tired moms are after new baby (it's b/c of my lovely memory that I allowed myself to have 6 :)
Just wanted to say hi & love checking in on you!