Saturday, August 27, 2011

 Lately our children have been really hitting my funny bone. 
Like I can't stop laughing  even if I tried.
Just the stuff they've been doing when they think I'm not watching:

 Okay this one was pretty naughty. Drinking the syrup.
Cache adopted the empty honey bear as his water bottle.
Naomi thought he was drinking honey so she needed the syrup.
Naomi is GULPING syrup.
She would put syrup on EVERYTHING if she could.
This boy is our sunshine. Through and through.
She is supposed to be in bed.
 I was in the front yard talking to the neighbor.
Come in to find this:

 She raided Dad's closet AND the cheestick drawer.
This girl is like she always tells me: "too bizzy."
And just before bed tonight Cache had his light on.
I went in there and asked him why it was on when he knew it wasn't.. (blah blah blah parent lecture..)
He wouldn't tell me! He said I would laugh at him.  It took nearly 10 minutes of convincing him and crossing my heart,  that I wouldn't laugh if he told me.
Finally he put his blanket over his head and said.

"I was dancing with my tie on."

If I hadn't "hoped to die, poke a thousand needles in my eye." 
I would have lost it. I had to go into the garage until I could stop laughing!

Wow what a day. And actually this was a VERY hard day as parenting goes.
Some true diamonds in a rough though.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer 2011 wrap up

T'was a summer of new sprinklers in the back yard.

A summer of camping with friends
with mini chairs for the mini ladies

And "America's giantest marshmallows."(according to Cache) for the rest of us.
note: Avery's pose on picnic table! 

A summer of goggles every day.  
All day. 
 Goggles are very protective not just against water. No sir.
The protect against soap in the eye...
Bugs when your riding so super fast.
And smoke from the campfire

A summer of Grandma Orton's raspberry jam on toast and faces and fingers.
"look MOM a WEEEEN bow!"
A Summer of Princess Dresses. 
(Made by Grandma Orton and passed to Nay.)
Grandma's dresses are the only acceptable dress to be labeled "printhess."
This is her "Blue Princess"

A summer where li'l Louie turned 9,10 and 11 months
And showed us his love for soft blankets and his Lamby.
A summer of getting ready for Kindergarten!
Here is Devin trying to help Cache become a morning person...
A summer of swimming, playing and admiring cousins.

Here is my attempt to get just ONE of all three boys smiling at me.
"Okay guys 1, 2, 3, SMILE!"
Look at me! 1,2,3 Smile!
Okay no more spider webs, hands down, look at me!
I give up.
 do whatever you want.
And this: is what they wanted to do I guess.
These 3 crazy cousins above are all starting kindeegarten this year!
A summer with lots of time spent at Eagle Island ( and more to come.)

A summer topped off with the state fair.
Elephant ears, pink lemonade, snow cones, ice cream. 
Supper of champions. 
And it was SOOOOO good.
 A sea lion show, petting sting rays, fire juggler, magician, hypnotist and 
REAL Jousting with KNIGHTS!

This boy loves knights.

 Pig racing,  glow in the dark light sabers, funny clowns who Cache was mesmerized by. 
Devin killing the Marine pull up challenge.  
Closest thing he'll get to joining the marines!
He's always wanted to be a marine... married me instead.
Now I'm the only that gets to take shots at him and enjoy his big muscles.
Har har har.
Yes the fair was a perfect topper for our Summer.

Good bye Summer 2011.
You've been good to us.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

 Devin took Cache boating with the young men today. So Nay and I had ourselves a little tea party and watched strawberry shortcake.
Nay Did her own make up for the Occassion. 
It would have been a perfect evening if a giant pooh bear didn't keep stealing the honey pot.  
And upsetting the whole table.

Silly Ol' POOH.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I was a little behind on my schedule today aaas usual. I get overwhelmed when it is mid late morning and I haven't worked out,certain chores haven't started and I need to go run and errand... I stand still not sure which one I should do to make my day better and be happier.    Anyone relate?  Well today I was frozen, as the kiddos were undoing all the clean rooms one by one...aha! Gave them some microfiber rags.They cleaned every inch of the living room. It was so funny to me.  Our house is never that quiet. They were entertained for a good enough time for me to do yoga while they cleaned.2 birds with one stone. What cute little cleaners I have.
Actually this only kept them busy for 1/2 my workout and then I gave them
 flyswatters and they kept busy doing that too.  
Maybe i'll teach them to vacuum :)