Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I was a little behind on my schedule today aaas usual. I get overwhelmed when it is mid late morning and I haven't worked out,certain chores haven't started and I need to go run and errand... I stand still not sure which one I should do to make my day better and be happier.    Anyone relate?  Well today I was frozen, as the kiddos were undoing all the clean rooms one by one...aha! Gave them some microfiber rags.They cleaned every inch of the living room. It was so funny to me.  Our house is never that quiet. They were entertained for a good enough time for me to do yoga while they cleaned.2 birds with one stone. What cute little cleaners I have.
Actually this only kept them busy for 1/2 my workout and then I gave them
 flyswatters and they kept busy doing that too.  
Maybe i'll teach them to vacuum :)