Monday, April 30, 2012

My sister is a rockstar.
(my fav part starts at 4:30 ish and on.
And the end when they all go crazy)

How do we even come from the same DNA?
Okay Kelsey you are awesome too.  HA! amazing guitar skills.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Unless you watch Nacho Libre as much as our family has you probably don't  
add an S on the end of your Easters like it is in this house.   

Now for some cellphone pictures.
Taken at some neighborhood church that hosted an egg hunt.
It was a good one.  I think we will attend again next year. Nice and calm, plenty for everyone, even though there were 100's of kiddos.  And they separated all the kiddies into age groups including disability.
Then they had lots of fun stuff, jump houses etc to do after.

 What is it about little kids gathering eggs and putting them into a basket that is so dang cute?  
Maybe Naomi flitting about giggling with each egg she put in her basket.  Or maybe it's Gage grunting as he picked up every single egg, then plop down in the middle of the field to try and open the ONE egg he had collected.

 Easter eve.
We can't decide what to do about the Easter bunny.  Yes we do and LOVE Santa, but the Easter bunny.. I don't know.  The kids saw a lot of the Easter basket stuff before and either forgot or just played along.
I mean as far as Easter bunny coming in the night like Santa...Meh,, I don't know how much energy I want to put into that delusion.   I grew up with it and loved it, but not sure if we want to do it in our home. You know, different kids need different ways to be raised.  "The BEST" is not just a cookie cutter you know. I wish!  I really want to instill in them the "Wonder and aaw" of what Easter is truly about. 
Not trade that in for cheap plastic eggs and candy and cranky kids. . We will do the Easter egg hunt and candy(cuz really it's super fun for me too,)  just debating on if we say it's from the Easter bunny or not.  Or do the candy hunt in the evening AFTER church etc.  Maybe I forgot what it was like to be a kid and am overthinking Easter.  I don't know. Any suggestions would be welcome. 
What do you do?
We have a full on rival going on in this house and I don't think it's ending anytime soon...

No I didn't give the baby his own giant chocolate bunny.
But yes he did steal and eat everyone elses at every chance he got.
I'd catch him and take it away.  He wouldn't cry just wobble away and go find another bunny and sit himself in the exact same spot.  Take that one away too and he'd just go get the first one he had!
He got Cache's 90% eaten before anyone noticed his strategy.
Cache laughed at him.  If that had been Nay this story would've ended a lot different.

That's a wrap.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Best

Here is what Easter morning looks like at our house after bribing, threatening, back to bribing(works better), sweating, Devin bonking himself in the head a million times for laughs and then finally almost being late for church despite the fact we were ready an hour before it started.
Mister hotty pants. I have no recollection of taking this picture.
Cracked me up when I came acrossed it.
 The Mr. and Mrs. in our messy Easter kitchen.
Either the house looks good or we do.
You can't have both. (My fav quote these days.)
Easter is the most special  and bright of holidays. 
 Easter means hope.  Easter means not all is lost ever.  Inbetween all the candy and bunnies we had a few special moments to talk to our children about the hope of Easter. Our Savior.  Naomi's teacher sent home a special picture of the Savior holding a little girl that looked a lot like her.  She said: "That is me and Jesus. My teacho toad me." It was a sweet moment.  I was glad her teacher gave her that instead of candy.  She needed that more than candy. (She was crying every time we tried to talk about Jesus the rest of the day.)
 We are sugared up and pooped out, but overall it was a beautiful spring Easter Sunday.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Easter Hat

Hi my name's Gage and I got a new hat.
  My big sis told me it was "too wittow" for her and put it on my head.
I find it and wear it ever day.
My dad always gives me funny looks.
I think that's cuz he wishes he could wear my hat.
But I don't let anyone touch my hat.

 Last week, I woke up and couldn't find my hat anymore.
My Dad probably took it and is probably wearing it at work.
That's okay I moved onto ties. 
I bring one to my momma and say "EH EH!" And she puts it on me every morning.

It compliments my belly quite nice.
That's what my mama says anyway.
I also found a cool new bag that matches my fire truck hat and I like to carry snacks in it. 
My big sis even lets me wear her boots and gloves in the rain.

When I'm not accessorizing, I like to talk to babies in a really high voice.

And sometimes sneek out of the house when my big bro leaves the door open.

I love my big brother Cache.
He loves me a lot too.
I know because he gave me his favorite Bronco hat when Uncle Nick gave him a new one.
Then he even picks my clothes so I can be a Bronco fan with him.
I don't know what that means.  But I like it.
I follow my mom everwhere cuz she feeds me.  I especially like this white powder she puts on me after the bath.  I  hurry and eat it before she rubs it into my belly.

Yup my life is pretty good.

Welp, till next time...