Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I think it may be about time for a Naomi update.
  • Still working on growing her hair like "Repunz-oh." I think the short suits her.  But we'll let it grow.
  • To Nay everything happened "Last night."  And she still tells all her stories with really big eyes that she has to blink a lot and then has to swallow really big and smacks her lips  between thoughts.
  • Still loves her horses and ponies ( her family) And now uses my gift bags to carry them everywhere we go.  Her purses are "dust too wittow."
  • Her favorite color still is and will probably always be PINK.
  • She dresses in Tutu or "Hawaii" skirt every day.  
  • She has begun telling me with gusto when she thinks my outfit is "so SO Booful!"(beautiful.)
  • Her daddy's "little island girl," her favorite food is still oranges and pineapple. 
  • Anything that is wet that touches her totally grosses her out.  
  • A little mother, making sure to wipe all runny noses of babies in the house.  (closes her eyes and gags as she wipes their nose.)
  • Nightly she likes to be sung:  "She'll be coming around the mountain."  OR "Hey diddle diddle" (except you must sing that the DOG jumped over the moon and the cow laughed.)  She also likes the "cowboy song."  Only Devin knows that song.
  • On her own, started to change her "awes" to "R's."
I have never ever corrected her.  I think she sounds rather cute mispronouncing them and I don't worry about things like that.  She is really trying and when she gets it right, it makes her sound 3 years older!  Devin and I get a bit sad to hear her sound so old.
Naomi on a sick day.  She gets spring asthma like her brothers and it
had her daddy very worried.
Naomi is  an individual.
 I know being a little girl "Little gohl,"  accentuates all her
funny personality traits.
Devin tells me he is worried about her because she still is soo.....well.... crazy.
But I don't worry.  If you watch her carefully, she has a rhythm about her and she does things JUST as she meant to do them.  She did not get messy because she is careless.   She got messy because she meant to take that banana apart in her bedroom carefully take off all the bruises, throw them away,(while gagging) wash her hands and then smash the banana all over her window..
Yes she is very diliberate in all her chaos.

She is sweet, defiant and self assured.
I am grateful (for now) that this is part of her.  It might be challenging to raise her, but my hope for my daughter is that she will grow up confident and knows who she is.  I want a daughter who is soft and kind but a back bone of steel when necessary.  A daughter that recognizes and appreciates the beauty in others and then sees a different beauty in her self, that is every bit as different and equal.  Nay came to earth with these qualities.  She does not look at other kids with a jealous eye.  (Unless they stole her pony.)   I want to preserve that in her.   That way she can feel free to love and give to others, to love herself and not do and buy things to try and prove her worth to herself or others.  Comfortable in her own skin.  Able to enjoy all the beauty  and goodness this life has to offer.  (Something I  have to remind myself have to work on.  Daily.)

She holds her own ground when it comes to Cache and has from day one.  Thus the reason they DO NOT share rooms like my brother and I did.  ( We got a long great.)  But my children are not me.  They are strangers in a sense that I get to get to know better each day.  I just feel like Naomi is such a unique, challenging beautiful gift  given to me to raise.  She came to earth as herself.  I don't want to ruin her.
I'll end with a conversation I want to be sure and remember.
(From the Bathtub)
Naomi: "MOM can you get me my mermaid?"
ME: "Where is it?
Naomi: "By my Fairy!!!!"  
ME: "...hmm WHERE is your fair miss?"
Naomi:  (totally annoyed.)  "uuuugh by MY MERMAID!"
Me: Uh huh, so where would that mermaid be again?
After I let this go on for a while just for fun,
Me: "Where is your fairy and your mermaid?"
Naomi:  (still totally annoyed at me.)  BY. THE. TCH-OWCH!(couch)


Ashley said...

She is so cute! I LOVE that she does her own thing-- I'm trying to teach Addie to do that. Addie's the same way about telling stories, very animated except everything happened "yesterday"-- Christmas, her birthday, Jonas being born-- all yesterday. Strangely, any future event is "in three days." Ha ha. Where do they come up with this stuff?

shelly said...

lol, I love the bruise-free banana smeared on the window =) I find it reassuring that even when your husband worries, you don't. We go through that in our home, too! That, and the finally figuring out what the kids was talking about (your sandwich story). Your pictures are so great, and I love the Gage post, too =)

Cindy Spratling said...

Beautiful words Amie. Naomi is so lucky to have you for her mother. Miss you sooooooooooo much it hurts today.