Thursday, June 14, 2012

I think this is my most favorite movie clip ever. 

New family movie clip we will watch on a routine basis.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ben's Birthday Video

Okay so this is totally Cindy's video to post because she made it.  But I love it so I'm going to too.
Happy Birthday Ben.  We love you enough to make totall fools of ourselves. 
Especially ME.(ahem CINDY!)  I had no idea my parents could shuffle! 

That is our second Spratling family birthday music video.
Good job Cindy!
I think we should keep it going.  

Friday, June 8, 2012

Last weekend we stopped at Mom and Dad Orton's in LaGrande for some Hog Wild days! 

We went to a pulled pork dinner at Devin's elementary school and met his teachers from when he was in elementary.  They all remembered and loved Devin. It was soooo...wierd.
Neat thing about small towns.  

Then Grandma and Grandpa kept the kids the next morning and took them to a parade and such while we headed over the mountain for graduation.

My children have the BEST grandparents.
Some Pictures Wayne sent me of Hog Wild day parade:

Janie also gifted Naomi with 3 dresses. Naomi's first dress made just for her. Very special.  These  dresses will be her new summer wardrobe relieving her ONE orange mu mu she wears everysingle day.   I'm not buying clothes ahead of time for her anymore. Waist of money on those cute shirts and shorts.  She will surely live in these dresses this summer. Here is Naomi in her very first Princess dress.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Joey Graduate's Highschool.

Ben & Cindy these next 3 pictures are just for you.

I use to change Joey's diapers! Haha. Now he's a giant.
If you are wondering about Ashley, she is saying, "Joe is number one."  Ash also kept yelling: "I LOOOVE  JOE!" when it was dead silent across the convention center.  
The Belly boys meet again.

We got Joey a big giant fire work.  It's gonna be amazing. Suppose to shoot 200 ft.
I of course did my typical classy wrap job.  :)
That's how it went down.
I just thought I'd throw up a few pics for  you Benny.
It might look like a parTAY, but really Sam's face more accurately describes how exciting it was.
(Their hands are saying"2012" if you were wondering like I was.)