Sunday, June 3, 2012

Joey Graduate's Highschool.

Ben & Cindy these next 3 pictures are just for you.

I use to change Joey's diapers! Haha. Now he's a giant.
If you are wondering about Ashley, she is saying, "Joe is number one."  Ash also kept yelling: "I LOOOVE  JOE!" when it was dead silent across the convention center.  
The Belly boys meet again.

We got Joey a big giant fire work.  It's gonna be amazing. Suppose to shoot 200 ft.
I of course did my typical classy wrap job.  :)
That's how it went down.
I just thought I'd throw up a few pics for  you Benny.
It might look like a parTAY, but really Sam's face more accurately describes how exciting it was.
(Their hands are saying"2012" if you were wondering like I was.)

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Cindy Spratling said...

Thanks for posting. It really means a lot to us! Thanks Sam for making us not feel so left out. hardy har. But really... if I had even just a penny for how many times Ben said, "I wish we were home to see Joe graduate" I would be a millionaire. But I'd rather be there than a millionaire too. Love you all soooooooo much!