Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's neighbor week on our blog..

I am thankful for so so many things, but lately I am especially thankful, overwhelmingly thankful when I think about the incredible people around me. It floors me. Too many to even have time to hang out with. I use to have a small list in my head, of the people "I would love to just carry around in my pocket," or so I would say. But let me tell you guys my pockets are getting pretty full! Now, when this subject comes up, I now say if I could make the most perfect town ever... and start naming family after family, person after person, that I wish my children could grow up around, that I could always be close too, that I could emulate in every way. If we could just pluck all you guys one by one from all over the world, back home, Brazil, to Chicago, Missouri and Utah.. and just make a perfect town. Is this weird?

Anywho,small weird tangent, I do have the sweetest neighbors in the world. Aaand pretty darn gorgeous too.
If only my camera could capture and show, sweetness, and personality, then, these would be
the most beautiful pictures ever, ever ever ever ever ever ever...

Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rip our hearts out, stick em in a van and ship it off to Idaho...

That is literally how I am feeling right now. My heart feels like someone scooped it out with a very jagged icecream scoop. But at the same time so full of love and thankfullness that we got to have Brennan and Mary next door. Besides my own mother, I have never learned so much from one person as I did Mary, in EVERY aspect of life.
They are simply: w o n d e r f u l
(Aaaaaand incredible, amazing, out of the ordinary)

To see all the pictures go here

:) **tear

Monday, November 2, 2009


All year long when Cache asks me repeatedly for something. My answer is usually "NO" or if it's something I can tell he is never going to let go and seems reasonable I answer "Maybe on your birthday." Well, Cache never forgets a promise. It took a week for me to full fill them all:

1.Eating at "Old MacDonald's"
2.Picking out a toy he wanted at the store.
3.Having ALL his "brother's" over to play superheros.

4. Riding the train at the zoo.

The day of, he and I played a game of chess. (Cache's request), till we both got bored. And waited for Devin to get home. FINALLY he got home, and we went to go out for dinner...

We suggested every restaurant in the area, but he would accept no other Option but :"Old McDonald's." We very reluctantly conceded since he was "The birthday boy." (when your tummy is expecting Red Robin or Red Lobster, Mcky D's just doesn't cut it.) Cache danced, skipped cheered all the way into the restaurant. Afterwards, he picked out a transformer from Toys R Us.(Thanks Grandma Colette.) Which fulfilled, the second wish of "pick out any toy he wanted at the store." We blew out candles that we stuck in ice cream when we got home. Ended the day back in mom and dads bed, and 100 birthday hugs and kisses and then the day was done.

Couple days later, he had his "brother's" over for a superhero party:

This is a Gotham city cake and those are skyscrapers if you can't tell. (Made from graham crackers)

Preparing for the party, we hid the balloons so she wouldn't bite them.

BUT she found em in the tub. Silly Nanners.

Just waiting for on one more superhero to arrive. :)

Going through "super hero training"(Devin's amazing obstacle coarse)

After super hero training they were ready to face the Green Goblin.

The super hero's successfully defeated the Green Goblin and were off to save the citizens(balloons)held captive in Cache's room. And dodge the kryptonite.(green balloons)

** Remember this blow up thing I got for $3 at a garage sale? You want it? It needs a patch or two to be in prime condition, but we don't want to move it, so anyone can have it. Seriously

The invitation:

On Saturday we went to the zoo to ride the train. Fullfilling the last of the promises and keeping me honest.

We love you so much Cache.

** and no we don't usually do big birthdays like this.. but it was so fun.