Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 all wrapped up and tied with a bow.

January 2013 was a month of:
 Scarves and...
Stretchy Pants.
 Family Sledding days at the Park.
 Frozen rainbow stocking feet.
 Red cheeks.
Friday Night movies with the fam.
  Saturday date night Movies for two.
 Figuring out how to adapt dresses to snow.
 Snow snacks.
(just add sprinkles)

 Grandpa Orton's b-day.
 Winter wonders. 
Don't Lick it Cache! 
No you can't keep it in your room tonight.
 Lovely days in the temple.
(Lermers were sealed)
 New goals and work out routines
 Cache learning to snowboard!
 Sunday Morning Monkey Bread.
(Yay for late church in 2013! And yay for shirtless breakfasts?)
Graduating with best friend Rok to senior nursery.
 Spending Costco Christmas gift cards.
Thanks Wayne and Janie!
New skills.
Look at me Mom!
Afternoon naps on mommy.

 And lastly a month of Yellow rain snow boot obsession and staying in "rightneen NaFreeen" jammies all day.
Goodbye January. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First snow day EVER(As a parent)

I would like to note that Cache hugged her without any prompt from me.
 See? That's
what snow days will do for ya.

So glad he was napping during most of the other kids snow time because 
he would have never come in. Seriously would have turned into a block of ice
and still refused to come in. 
I had to finally grab him, bring him in, strip down and shove clothes in dryer to keep him from fighting  to put them back on.  Made "hot frokit" and let him pick his very own cartoon to watch, which is rare with 2 older siblings!  Dug space heater out of closet, brown fluffy blanket. His entire body was beet red from cold. He didn't even care. Kids are crazy!

 Naomi on the other hand...
Stays out for about um one second. (Long enough to earn hot chocolate.) Comes in, giggles as she undresses,  Cache calls her back, giggles her way back into all her snow gear and goes out for another 1/2 of a minute.   I was surprised when Cache came in without her. I could hear her laughing and talking to who I thought was Sabrina.  Finally after the sun started going down I went and checked on her....
Nope, all by herself the whole time.
Just lounging in the snow fort smiling at the sky.
Come in Naomi!
N: Oh sure! *giggle giggle* Skipped her little self in.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Devin turns 30

Devin's Birthday 2012.
Birthday Breakfast.

Birthday Mountain bike ride in the foothills. (Pole Cat) This was my first time mountain biking.
I was pretty scared of falling down a long cliff but other than that, it was SO fun. I can see why Devin loves it so much. He said it was his favorite part of the whole day. Mine too. Something about being in nature together. Devin's sis babysat for us. They are the nicest.
We reached the top! It was peaceful and quiet.
 Incredible weather for the first of December.
 The day had to move on..

Dum dums, dill pickles dates and doughnuts served for Devin's Dodgeball party.

Devin is Young Men's president, so he wanted to invite all of them to his party too.

It was dangerous in there. 
Joey won. 

We had a kids game later since their heads would have been knocked off in the men's game.
Devin finally had his dodgeball party he has always wanted. :) 
We went home for naps then Devin canceled our babysitter.
 He wanted all of the little ones to join him for his birthday dinner.
Restaurants with our children is always memorable.
 Our Nay, dances to beat of her own drum.
Another case in point:  I took Gage and Naomi for a walk to the bathroom. While I was helping Nay, someone opened the heavy bathroom door and Gage bolted. I noticed he was quiet a second later and turned around to find him missing. I ran out, the people at tables must have recognized the look on my face and pointed in the direction he went. The next table did the same, till I got all the way across the restaurant and the kitchen double doors swing open and out bolts Gage smiling and doing his skip-hop run, with 2 servers behind him, shooing him out.  
"Hi Mama!"   
We saved Devin's favorites for after the house fell asleep:
 Martinelli's, Bourne Supremacy and a few gifts.
H.a.p.p.y B.i.r.t.h.d.a.y