Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Wrap Up.

So a lot more than Christmas happened in December
Well for one. This happened like 3 or 4 times..

Same morning that we were watching the coverage of the Sandy hook elementary school shooting. Then the tree came crashing down, and at some point you just have to sit, gather your kids and have a good cry. And we did.

It was a big December.  Just let it be known, that I don't handle pressure as well as most. I am very okay with enjoying and praising others hard work.  And I'll help clean up.  I'm good at that. So maybe this to do list is very do-able for most,, but me? Oh no. UM heck no. 
December To DO's:
  • Devin's 30th b-day party
  • Ward Christmas party decor and photo booth for 380+ people. (Told about IN December)
  • Relief Society Christmas party mid-month.
  • Naomi's 3 dance recitals.
  • Christmas presidency lesson in Relief Society-2nd lesson in church I've EVER taught. 
  • CHRISTMAS. Um yah that is big enough by itself.
  • Surprise 70th Birthday party for Wayne.
  • 8 year anniversary plans.
  • January 4th Fast Sunday lesson...
  • Begin planning January's Relief Society activity for 2nd Tuesday in January...
  • Keep the house running, and be a Mom and wife. Oh and a happy one.
  • Watch Elf 10 times. (It's my favorite) 

  I had to dig deep and repeat the words of my friend Miss Nicole Miller: Smile, smile and smile till you feel like smiling. Or something along those lines. 
Well it worked. Thank you Nicole.

Ward Christmas Party 2012
(before all arrived.)
Here are some but not all the decoration pictures.
The theme of the Party was: "Christmas around the world." Thus the maps. (Made by Audrey)
Santa's tree and chair.  It took me and 4 missionaries and 12 extension chords and an engineering degreeto light this tree up.
I was ready at every minute to: not have a tree,  not have lights, not have anything but balls on the tree... but lots of other people kept the Amie Grinch at bay with encouragement.
My friend Natalie made all the tree decorations....she's crazy  incredible.
(The Garland says merry Christmas in different languages.)
Food tables ready for 50+potato casseroles and Ham and and and...

Center pieces.
Also not pictured, little cards at each place setting with Christmas trivia from other countries. 
 And coloring sheets used as place mats for the kids. (All Natalie)
Photo booth. 
My friend Lani in the reindeer ears. 
To Lani, everything is "So SO wonderful Amie! Or SO exciting!" And "oh just The BEST." 
Yes. She is a true blessing to all. And dear to my heart. :)
Noteworthy: The gals in primary danced to the nutcracker in tights, fake pregnant bellies and pig noses? I couldn't stop laughing.  Wish I had a picture. 
Santa came that night, brought candy, there was a talent show, and the party was a nice night.
Bottom right: Cache is the the little guy peaking out. :)

Naomi's Dance recital. 
She had 2 dances. One tap dance and one ballet. It was so cute.

Bottom right. Nay's little friend Brylie was in a different class. 
They were so cute, I could hardly stand it.
Proud Mommy.

Relief Society Christmas Party
This was the biggest task of the month.  It turned out so well! What a "relief." har har.
We had a "favorite things" Christmas party at the Bishop's house.
We based it off the song:
"These are a few of my Favorite things." From The Sound of Music.  
Each sister brought a thing that was or represented their favorite thing.  Then we drew names and everyone took home someone elses favorite thing.   
My favorite was Staci's box of cereal. She loves cereal! And Livi's ruby red Mac lip stick, because she always has luscious red lips.  Some brought their favorite book, and many brought chocolate.... we learned a lot about one another.  Also each sister was sent home with a gift from the presidency (just a notepad) that served as "brown paper packages tied up with string."  The board also incorporated many of the lyrics from the song around the room in the decor.  "Cream colored ponies" was little plastic horsies on the food table, sleigh bells hung from the doorbell and one sister even made warm apple strudel.  The board members and the Presidency were sports and dressed up as "Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes." And sang the song from the movie but with the words re-written for our ward members.
*Note:  I copied some of it from others off line, mashed them all together and personalized it to our sisters. I wish I still had the sources.
Tune: "These are a few of my favorite things"-Sound of music

Tears when you find your fam'ly tree links;
Teachers who bring everything but their sinks.
Minist'ring angels earning their wings;
These are a few of my favorite things.

Serving refreshments at all of our meetings;
Glue guns and quilting and (Sammi Lue’s) greetings.
Silver-haired sisters who know all the scoop;
Homemaking, lifting, and handing out soup.

Cream colored tables with fresh flowers in vases;
Church benches full of your children's bright faces.
Sons and daughters serving the Lord;
What more could we ask for in the Fairview ward?

When the day ends, When I ponder, When I'm feeling tired, I simply remember my favorite things and then I feel so inspired.

The rest of my "TO DO" list for December is previously documented.
So here are the odds and ends of that month.

Pajama drives to see Christmas lights.

Babysat for Matt and Julie's fancy night out. -Was that in December?

Bronwyn, my friends daughter, tricked me into doing her 
Senior Pictures.   Bronwyn is so cool.
 Gage missed a few nap times due to crazy days. But he learned to sleep outside his own bed.
 He also learned to take his own shirt off. This day was wild. My proccess is, I get them all dressed shoes on and sent out to the car to buckle, while I get myself put together, purse etc, but Gage just kept stripping every time I sent him to the car. I'm talking 3 seconds flat, naked. Hurrying with children, just is not ever a good idea. It was so ridiculous I had to laugh.
 Early morning bootcamp, kept me sane.
Here is good old Barb presenting our group gift to Jesse.
 Fun fun memories.  
 I welcomed the calm, quiet winter months that lay ahead like never before.
As Devin puts it: "Amie  you are a true human-being. You are not a doer. You are a be -er." 
I just like to be home together.  Be somewhere beautiful together, BE together anywhere. Busy activities? If we must. But I can't wait for it to be over,
so we can just "BE." And if you are wondering.. Devin is a Do-er. :)
It brings balance to both of us.
Anyway. THE END. 


Mardee Rae said...

I'm amazed! December is a killer but yours was like, psychopath killer. Well done. I love the favorite things party, putting that idea in my pocket. And noami in her dance costumes. So cute!!

Diana said...

I also love the Favorite Things song. I think you accomplished more in a month than I did in 2012...