Tuesday, January 1, 2013

8 year anniversary/Wayne's 70th birthday!

Winter road trip!
 This is why I need to record happenings right away.  All the details I have to offer are in pictures.
We threw Wayne a surprise birthday party on December 29th. Our anniversary and also Wayne and Janie's.  Janie is sweet and ordered us a fruit tart for our anniversary along side the cake.
 We played games.
All the little girls colored hearts for Grandpa.
 It was a sweet day, celebrating such a wonderful Dad, Grandpa and man.

And we all had a grand time together cramed into that house.

 Devin and I headed over to Pendleton to give Sam his Christmas present ...

 Then to Walla Walla  to celebrate our anniversary.
We watched the Hobbit in 3D and even bought popcorn and candy AT the theatre. :) Splurge! haha. 
And stayed in beautiful Marcus Whitman historic hotel.
We walked around town and found what we wanted to eat most. 
 Devin had chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling apple cider pre-ordered for our room.
Wasn't that the nicest thing?
The strawberries were SOOO good.
 We actually spent new years eve here.  So we made a lot of goals for the new year together and talked about our past year, ran around the hotel some more, (sometimes we feel a little TOO free without kids.) and fell asleep 10 minutes before midnight. What old farts we are. We were pooped out from Christmas and travel and Devin moving offices and on an on.  
I sure love that Devin of mine. We feel super lucky to like eachother so much.  Without risking being too sappy, our marriage does seem to just get better and better over time.  Even still in so many ways we are just getting to really understand and know one another. Every speed bump in the road, big or little we see an uglier side and a more forgiving side, things mend and our bond is even stronger.  It's pretty cool. I am thankful, and humbled to be partnered with this loving man.  And I Loooove this hot husband of mine. He is da best! OH baby.  haha.  I am so excited to do and see all the things in our future we have planned together!
Marriage Rocks.

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