Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 all wrapped up and tied with a bow.

January 2013 was a month of:
 Scarves and...
Stretchy Pants.
 Family Sledding days at the Park.
 Frozen rainbow stocking feet.
 Red cheeks.
Friday Night movies with the fam.
  Saturday date night Movies for two.
 Figuring out how to adapt dresses to snow.
 Snow snacks.
(just add sprinkles)

 Grandpa Orton's b-day.
 Winter wonders. 
Don't Lick it Cache! 
No you can't keep it in your room tonight.
 Lovely days in the temple.
(Lermers were sealed)
 New goals and work out routines
 Cache learning to snowboard!
 Sunday Morning Monkey Bread.
(Yay for late church in 2013! And yay for shirtless breakfasts?)
Graduating with best friend Rok to senior nursery.
 Spending Costco Christmas gift cards.
Thanks Wayne and Janie!
New skills.
Look at me Mom!
Afternoon naps on mommy.

 And lastly a month of Yellow rain snow boot obsession and staying in "rightneen NaFreeen" jammies all day.
Goodbye January. 

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