Friday, February 1, 2013

McCall - Winter Festival

My Dad called me up and said  he needed to get away from farm stress for a bit.
I said that I knew just the ticket. A little slice of heaven called McCall.
And it just happened to be the winter festival!
Next thing we know, Nick, Sarah and Danny are coming too!
Ye haw. 
Load up and take your car sick medicine!
McCall was breathtaking in the winter. 
And we had a cute cabin.
 We ate at the pancake house.
Hands down the best cinnamon rolls ever.   
Yes I realize what that looks like.

Bought wooden toys at The Christmas House.
Saw the incredible snow sculptures.
 Most sculptures were from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
This one you could walk inside of.
A lot of the sculptures had slides coming off them or out of them for the kids.
 Gage attempted to lick every inch of every sculpture. 
Everything is food to Gage. 
 We pulled the kids around town on sleds.
The entire lake was frozen  and you could walk and sled on it!
Winter Wonderland.

I love heem.

Uncle Nick is such a fun Uncle.
This was Danny boy's first time sledding. :)
 Devin and I had to literally run Naomi and Gage home via piggy back.
They were so happy then suddenly hit an I'm-so-cold-and-tired-I-can-only-scream-bloody-murder wall. 
Back to the cabin and into Grandma and Grandpa's warm jacuzzi bathtub.
Then a belly full of warm dinner and hot chocolate.
Life got a lot better.

These two boys! Grandma let them pick a toy at the toy store. They both picked little flashlights for their fingers? We all tried to get them to pick something different. There were some really neat wooden toys!  But not. They fit like rings and the boys were really funny about it.  
Fireworks over the lake.
The night did not begin like this but,
believe it or not I slept in this bed too.
It's always too short of time when we go to McCall.
We packed up and said goodbye to Danny's Mr. Snowman.
 We will be back.

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Ben said...

I'm coming next time for sure!