Thursday, February 14, 2013


 Pre-school valentine art.
 So cute. I had my boys do it too.

Cache's school Valentine party.
Naomi was so excited to be invited to her brothers party.
She picked her own outfit. I ask her to smile and she did a toe pop,
I didn't teach her that! But I do love it.
Valentine tag with his friend Livi.
His mailbox didn't help his class clown status go down any...
Makes me happy that Cache still thinks it's super cool when I visit him at school.
But he won't hold my hand like the other first graders hold their mommy's hands.. :(
Valentine's after school. 
*Devin got me 1st Season of Ducky dynasty- because I'm a hillbilly like that.
He also got me a Tahitian dance video- because I'm Tahitian like that. 
My Valentine to Devin was new "man sized" bath towels and:
He liked it so much he turned into Sean Connery.
 They liked theirs too.
That night, Devin took the kids over to our neighbor Shane's house to give him a Valentine.
When they didn't come back, I went too. Lots of the neighbors gathered there and we sat around and visited for awhile. It was so nice. Shane is probably about 90. He lost his son (and housemate) and dog in a car accident recently.   He also lost his wife from old age the same month! Talk about loss. His son Steve was the neatest guy. In fact the last time I saw Steve, my car battery died when Devin was out of town and I was desperate to pick up Cache from school.  Steve came across the street and took care of me.  Sweetest man. Him and his dog "Cho Cha" are very missed. 
I got to finally share that story with Shane about his son.
Unplanned, but it warmed our hearts to connect with our neighbors that evening and ended up being a perfect topping to our Valentine's day.
A late spaghetti dinner by candlelit.
 Sealed the day with a spaghetti slurp kiss. (Lady and the Tramp style you know?)
Aaaah! Close your eyes!

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