Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Wrap Up

February stinks but we entertained our selves by...

Celebrating President's Day!
Making New Family Home Evening Treats. And lessons on Stranger danger!During which Devin grabbed Naomi's arm and said: What do you do if this happened? To our surprse she yelled: "I'll KICK him in the Wiener!!"
Had no idea she knew that word.
She was rewarded with a very proud daddy yelling back:
"YES! Now THAT'S my Girl!"
 Watching lots of basketball.
Go Bronco's!
(mommy and sons date.)
OH and more Basketball. 
Go Sierra!
(my cousin in the state tournament!)
Entertaining Family in town for the state tournament.

Face timing with cutest baby Jonas.

 Guessing our nephew's mission call then
 watching via Facetime to hear it was....
Going on "Spring" runs 
and being pelted by snow.

Evening Costco trips.
Making dinner for lots of sick friends.
 February cabin fever crept in and boredom
 finally did over take us.
Resulting in...
And Staging lots of Ninjago battle scenes.
Or as Gage says NinjAAAA YAGO!!!
As you can see he says it with passion.

February was also a month of:
Coming home from early morning workouts to find my little studier. 
 And my early riser who rises who doesn't show her face for the first hour of the day.

 It was also a month of getting to church very early,(Devin has to bring young men to prepare sacrament)meaning time for Cache to crawl under the car and turn himself black and time for Gage to decide he needs to bring 2 tennis balls to church without taking no for an answer. Resulting in a mama in heels carrying a punching screaming 2 year old across an icey parking lot and then that same 2 year old throwing himself dramatically on the foyer floor and banging his fists while yelling.

 Yes we all needed a sign of spring!
 (Ward Valentine/prime rib dinner table decor)

Adios February. We tried our best to make the most of you but..
Blek. Good ridance.

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Nick and Sarah Leonard said...

Thank goodness for Valentine's Day is super cute mint green skinny jeans to get us through that month!