Friday, October 12, 2012

Joey's Mission call!

Joey got his mission call today...
We all had guesses: Mine were Montana and New Zealand or of course the islands to teach Family!
Cache said Japan because he wants to serve there someday and loves Ninjas.
BUT Santiago Chile EAST is where he will be serving for 2 years beginning December 3rd!
 I have been emotional all morning because we knew it was coming in the mail today, crying when reading stories out of the friend magazine to the kids. 
Family scripture study reading about the Laminates hearts being softened,  bawling Amie.  A happy cry. Still silly. 
I am just so excited to see him and his big smiling face as a missionary, loving and serving people and growing close to the Savior than ever before.  Carrying in the footsteps of all the missionaries, before him. His Grandpa Joe Childers who is serving a mission in the spirit world and His Grandma Childers who is leaving THIS month (at age 81) to serve a mission in Tahiti. And of course lots of other missionaries, but my grandparents exude missionary work and the love of the Savior for all those around them.  They truly love people with the pure love of Christ, unconditionally. 
And it transforms lives.
It has mine.
Maybe it was just coming off of an extra spiritual and uplifting General Conference Weekend. My heart was full to BURSTING after many of those talks.
Also being with my wonderful Smith cousins and fully seeing the JOYS and blessings of an eternal family in full display at my Uncle Steve's surprise party, and recently receiving a new Church calling that is WAY beyond my capacity and having to completely put faith in the Lord that if he thinks I can, then I can, one nervous shaky step at a time.  I have been truly been amazed at the change inside myself. I am doing it,  and IT IS NOT ME. It has been an incredible experience for me that the Lord does not choose those who are qualified but qualifies those he asks to do a job. If they soften their hearts and are willing and move their feet, he does the rest.  For real.  So although my testimony of the gospel could be described often as a roller coaster, lows and highs, sures and unsures,
  I am on a high right now going into this mission call today, and KNOWING that what Joey will be doing is bringing to this incredible blessing of love and joy to others... Yes I was so very emotional.
 Joey has the biggest  softest heart and I just know he will love those people he gets to serve and because of it, they will love him back.
Oh the Gospel is all about love.
And it is wonderful.

My parents had every iphone and ipad and computer at work for us all to "Be there" via face time.
It was crazy.  The best kinda big family crazy. And it was totally awesome.
Ashley was screaming with excitement from Utah.
I was yellling from Boise at Joey because he opened it and started reading it TO HIMSELF!
Ben was laughing his head off from Arizona.
Ashley crying from happiness. Haha! And wishing she was home.
Also my Grandpa is yelling across the room at Ashley asking if her BF is a good kisser.
She said YES. haha.
She recovered.

Proud papa
 Joe getting ready to open it.
My sis Sarah the hostess of craziness. 
The happy future Missionary.
 AAh man it was fun.

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