Thursday, February 4, 2010

is your blog magic too?

I had a suprise on my front steps this morning...
(note previous post)

First thought: "Wow, my blog is magic!" Actually I thought: "NO way!"

Second thought: "I'm so embarassed someone bought me shoes that I posted. They probably felt bad for me.

Third thought: "oh well, I LOVE them!"

Fourth thought: "I can't believe this. Who would do this for me?"

I narrowed it down fast. Someone who knows my shoe size: my mom, sisters, or devin....(I've been told i'de make a good CIA agent.)

One phone call solved my mystery.

It was Devin.In the ballroom with the candle stick...jk.

And I ruined his valentine's surprise. (woops). My excuse: "I didn't even know we gave more than candy on Valentine's day!" He wanted me to put them away till Valentines day and pretend surprised... BUT I suggested a better idea might be that I just wear them every day UNTIL Valentine's day...

He agreed.

Cache took these pics. He even told me how to pose. He always asks if he can use my camera when I get it out. I tell him no, because it might break. But today I said: "Okay you want to take pictures of me in my boots?" It was really fun. I think he is pretty good for a 4 yr. old. Maybe picture taking will be one thing him and I have in common, since Devin and him have everything else in common.
I asked him: "Cache is my hair look good?"

Cache: "yah mom, it's really POKEY."

haha! It is true. Especially that left side. It's sticks out about a foot further than the right today.

Thank you Devin. I'm gonna make you an extra tastey supper.

Egg rolls?


Karli said...

I like your pokey hair. That is so cute. I love the boots and I think my brother is so thoughtful! Have a great day.

Ben said...

Killer boots man!

Cher said...

you are so cute and so is your husband:) does this mean if i put a picture of a treadmill on my blog, my husband will get it for me:) love ya. they are adorable but even more so on you!

Unknown said...

What a sweetheart! Isn't it nice when we still get surprises? We married good men, Amie!

Kara and Chant said...

That's sweet! You look great in them. SO, you make egg rolls? I'll have to get the recipe sounds good!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

YOU TWO ARE THE CUTEST!!! And I adore your boots AND your bedroom AND your pokey hair AND Cache's camera skills!

natalie spratling said...

They look fabulous:) Way to go Devin. I must say Cache is quite the photographer. Happy Valentine's day guys. Valentine's wishes from Montana...Hugs and kisses.

Gasaway Family said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you! What a wonderful husband you have!

Andrea Bemis said...

You & your boots are adorable! :-)