Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Projects with Grandma Tractor

This was the highlight of Cache's week. He stares at it all day and LOVED doing this project with Grandma Tractor. (Cache differentiates his grandparents by the vehicles each Grandpa drives) My dad is a farmer thus grandma and grandpa Tractor and Devin's pop drives a Harley to and from his meetings as a stake president..thus Grandma and grandpa Motorcycle.

Happy Birthday to ME! My mom made me the most Beautiful Birthday Cake. She worked on it most of all week and it tastes AMAZING! Thank you mom. She left me with some of the cake decorating tools, so I can't wait till Cache's birthday to try out some things she taught me.

One last shot with Grandma before we took her to the airport. What would we do without grandmas? Well one thing is for sure: there would have been a lot more tears from me if I had to leave Cache in the middle of the night with anyone but Devin's mom. Also a much crankier Amie if my both grandma's weren't there to entertain Cache, wake up early with him read him stories while I slept in with Naomi. They also helped Cache stay the coarse with potty training, and fill our freezer with delicious meals that I can only attempt to recreate and always fail miserably. They also did so much more that I can't even write it all. We enjoyed our time so much with our mom's. It was very hard to say goodbye. Thank you mom and Janie!(I can't find the pictures with Janie right now, they must be on a different camera or something).
Just one last photo for fun of my "children." Wow that is so crazy to say that. Going from one to two is so much fun. I love it already. I love to see Cache talk to her when I'm around the corner and gathering for family prayer before bed with just one more, seems so much more exciting. It seems like we are more of a complete family instead of just us 3 amigos.


natalie spratling said...

Happy Birthday Amie! Love the cake it looks delicious, yum! Isn't fun having your mom come and spoil you. I absolutely love the picture of Your mom "grandma tractor), Naomi and Cache, I saved it to my computer. Hope you are doing well. We saw Nick and Sarah this week and Ashley at Melaine and Brodie's wedding wish you could have been there. We love you guys. Give those kiddos a hug from their "Great" Auntie.

Cher said...

Ohhh, that food looks so delicious, if I didn't weigh a ton, I'd fly out there and eat some myself:) I'm glad your mom's could come out to help, what a relief! I love all the pictures

The Oregon Thorndikes said...

Amie, Your baby girl is so precious! I remember when we had our first girl and how etra-special it seemed to have a girl in the house. Congrats and take all the help you can get!

carrie said...

Happy birthday! your mom did a great job on the cake It's great she left the tools I will have to call you sometime when we do another cake decorating "class"( it's really just us getting together with the kids and trying to learn some new tricks).

Natalie said...

what an awesome job, professional. I love looking at your guys blog. It makes me happy every time I look at it. Miss you guys, and congrats with the girl. It is different.

Love ,


Unknown said...

Hey guys,
This is some blog. The music really helped me to relax. I'm thinking about going to bed even though it's only 7:30 here. Those certainly are some beautiful kids- parents too. It was good to talk to you today Devin. Too bad I wont see you guys for Christmas.