Friday, October 3, 2008

No I'm your Moon

Recently we have been having conversations with Cache about sharing his daddy with his new sister. The other day Devin took a new approach to this conversation by explaining that Naomi is his daughter. He then said "And Cache YOU are my SON."
In typical fashion of Cache who has disagree with EVERYTHING we say he says: "NO DAD, not you son."
Devin: "yes Cache you are my son."
Cache: "No Dad I'm you MOON."

Another thing I want to write down so I don't forget is that usually When cache wakes up he just sings until I come or yells: "Daddy!" Even though Devin is NEVER home when Cache wakes up, he always yells for him, and then every single morning, we have to have a conversation about how dad is at school, with his pac pac. Lately though, as though it might help daddy magically be there when he wakes up instead of me: He has added on to his morning yelling session: " Daddy! Daddy you my best friend!" over and over.. it's so funny, a bit sad, but cute.

whoops I just remembered one more thing I don't ever want to forget. Lately Cache has decided that he likes to shower. If he hears the shower on, he immediately jumps up from what he's doing and says: "I need my soap!" He then runs and gets the bar of soap that my mom left in the shower when she was here and shared a bathroom with cache. Sometimes he will get in the shower first and only remember that he needs his soap and will yell at me from the shower: "MOM! I need my soap!" Usually busy doing something like feeding the baby, I'll say: " No you don't Cache." So he then gets out and using his hands when he talks he'll say "jus a minute, I be right back, Okay? Stay dere. I need my soap." He then runs naked, sopping wet through the house to his bathroom, and then back trying to carry his soap back to the shower, announcing the entire way. "I GOT MY SOAP!"


carrie said...

kid's say the funniest things. Lydia asks for Tim every morning too.

natalie spratling said...

Cache remindes me so much of Parker. I love the things they say. If Cache is the Moon does that make Naomi the Sun? To have little ones in the house is such a fun stage in life. ENJOY! As President Monson said today in conference "Enjoy the Journey". I love that picture of you and the kids, you look beautiful. Your such a great mom.

carla said...

Amie, I am trying again to comment. It is so much fun to read your blog. I enjoy it so much. Cache is such a funny little boy. Naomi is beautiful! You and Devin are such great parents. I hope you get this!

Dave & Colette said...

Hi Devin, Amie, Cache & Naomi,
I'm so glad I was able to come and visit. I miss you so much.
I miss waking up to Cache's singing. He is quite the little man. Please send me some soccer pictures or post them. I wish I took video. He's amazing.

I miss sweet little Naomi and You and Devin. You both are doing such an amazing job raising your family.
Can't wait till Christmas.
Love MOM

Tait said...

first..Congrats on your baby girl!!
Second..Cali cries when Ry leaves and will only cuddle with him..Daddy's Girl
Cache is so cute I love his little sayings.

Mardee Rae said...

So funny. I've just got to meet this kid! (Well, we've met, but it's been too long). And I can't wait to meet beautiful Naomi, as well. You look great, I'm glad you are loving it. It is fun, huh?