Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here ya go mom

This is Naomi just shy of 4 weeks old. She weighs in at 9lbs 6oz and 20 inches(she shrunk I guess), Not the best photos, but the best your gonna get tonight...Cache can now get out of his crib and so nap time is shot and bed time is a 2 hour ordeal on a good night..our nerves our shot..

here let me try and be positive for a moment.. lets see,, getting to know Naomi..
1.She has a very girly cry and is learning that it makes us jump to her very need.
2. She loves the sound of the shower-just like her mom.. I love the sound of the puts me right to sleep.
3. She loves her hair washed with warm water and gets really calm and coos.
4. She really likes to get a bath, as long as someone is holding her hand, she won't be scared.
5. Sometimes if she is having a hard time going to sleep, you just hold her hand and she will calm down..i think this is so cute.
6. She's got an appetite to match the rest of the family!(big)
Its so fun to get to know her. So far I think she will be very different from Cache..he is a one of a kind though so that's expected!


natalie spratling said...

oh Amie, she is soo sweet. She will be so big when we see her in December. So fun to have a baby in the house. As for Cache, I remember when the girls no longer stayed in their was a very sad day. Good luck, I'm sure by the time #3 comes along he will be well adjusted into the nap scene and bedtime routine.

Zana said...

I love her personality already!

Cindy Spratling said...

Gimmie gimmie gimmie! She is so sweet and beautiful! I just want to squeeze her face. Now I can't wait till it's my turn to have a sweet little girl :) Miss you guys more than ever!

Mardee Rae said...

Oh, she's so sweet! No nap!?! I'm not ready for that yet. Just keep reminding yourself that with babies and kids, everything is a phase, and you will get more sleep eventually. (Maybe not soon enough!)

Cher said...

O MY! I can't think of words to describe how adorable she is! She has the cutest facial expressions! She is goin to just love her big brother, he will be a great entertainer for her:) I hope you are recovering/adjusting okay? I am getting nervous:)