Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have a bit of catching up to do. Last weekend we went camping with some good friends and neighbors. There was 4 of us little families. We shared campsites and split up the meal assignments which is absolutely the way to go. Friday night we had amazing shish kabobs.. and rolls and salads and amazing dutch oven cobbler. The next morning Devin and I were in charge and we took my sister Sarah's idea to do breakfast burritos by putting all the mixings:eggs, ham, ect in individual ziplock baggies, and submerge them in boiling water until the eggs are cooked.. dump it into a tortilla, add some salsa and AWESOME! No dishes to wash! We had muffins and fruit salad too.(pre-made at home). Lunch was sandwhiches, chips and banana boats and well isn't food just even MORE tasty camping?!

pictured above is the 3 boys eating licorice. Cache and his 2 buds all live right next to on another and are all 2 years old... they have some great times between the brawls, stick fights, and wrestling matches. Also pictured is Cache riding bikes, roasting mallows and the only picture we got of Naomi's first camping trip. She slept a lot.. during the day that is..

Now for the highlights of the trip. A near by lake was so beautiful and clear for Missouri lakes. We want to come back and do family pictures here. Kade and Devin while answering natures call in the woods found these crazy monkey vines. They had a great time swinging on them. While Kade spent his turns trying to do awesome skateboard type tricks like bouncing off trees ect. Devin just tried to see how much air he could get.. As you can see from the picture below... look real hard and you can see a glimpse of how high devin got! haha!

Some Good Company: I hope Naomi is gets this chubby!

It was a really good time and camping with a newborn wasn't as horrible as it could have been, maybe we'll wait till next year though to sleep in a tent with a baby.


Unknown said...

Wow! You guys are brave to camp with a newborn. Noah is almost three and we still haven't gone camping since before we had kids. We really meant to this summer just never got a chance. Sure looks like you had fun though! I can't wait to meet my new little niece. She's so darn cute!! We're really excited to see you guys at Thanksgiving. I'll probably give you guys a call tonight or tomorrow. I have a sports medicine question for Devin. Anyway, hope you've had a great weekend. See ya!

Kev and Chels said...

You are BRAVE, Amie!!! CAmping with Naomi! We've been out of town for the past two months but it would be so fun to see you when we get back. We could venture out your way! Anyway, wanna call me after next saturday? will you guys be around? my phone number 314-363-1467. also, how do you group your photos together on your blog? I love how that looks! And your little gal is adorable!!!

Cindy Spratling said...

Yes... you are a brave woman! I have already told Ben, no camping trips or any kind of trips until NEXT YEAR! (Besides Christmas). I am just too peranoid. But I should be more adventurous, like you. Glad you had fun. And Ben is jealous of Cache, he wants a boy sooooooo bad! I think he is still praying that this one will come out a boy :)

natalie spratling said...

Way to go! Love the pictures. So fun to see the kids and absolutely love the new photo of the kids on the blog so sweet.

The Greenski's said...

Hey GUys! Thanks for giving me more fuel for my arguments that we need to take Wrigley more places! You just gotta do it! THey can't let you not do anything...strange sentence, but you get it i think?
We sure miss you guys though :(
Glad to see all is well however.
Amie you look FABULOUS by the way.
Devin...needs some work. haha Just kidding. you look trip too. must be all that chasing Cache? You guys are the best!
Love ya!

Zana said...

Devin's lucky to have a girl like you. James has been wanting to go camping with all the girls & I told him he would have more fun if I stayed home! Although your meals did sound yummy!

Quinney Family said...

Can I get a copy of the picture you have of Ben and Elizabeth posted on here. My email is

Your blog is so cute!