Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day

Ever since finding out that I'm going to have a girl, I will be honest when I say, I was scared out of my pants. I was so sure that it was a boy because I don't feel I am ready to raise a girl to be the kind of woman or mother SO far from ever becoming and would hope that she would be. Today, being Mother's day and I was able to sit and think about my own Mother and all the beautiful examples I have as mother's, I felt so much hope that if I have this many amazing women as examples to me, hopefully, if I try hard enough, I won't fall too fall from the apple tree.
Here are the Mother's I have in my life.

This is my Grandma Carla, holding my dad as a baby in the wheat fields of Utah. Isn't she pretty? I feel so lucky to be able to grow up with her as my "neighbor" on the farm.

This is my Grandma Childers. I love everything about her including her Hair(as you can see), her accent and most of ALL her laugh!

This is my mother in law and she raised the best son and so thankful for her!
And finally this is my mother, the most compassionate person I know.. I love you so much mom.

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